Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whacky Wednesday

1 Thes.1:3 Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father;
Hello my friends in the blog world!

Is everyone doing okay? Well that’s great. I haven’t heard from a few of you in a while and I’m wondering if you’re still out there lingering in the background, just waiting for me to post something of some use to you.

Well I have to announce the beginning of F2K’s free writing course! That begins next Wednesday and it might just be a lot of fun for everyone. Yes I plan on being a mentor, but when you sign up, you don’t get to choose whose room you’re in, but if you join, feel free to visit me and let me know you’ve arrived.

I’ll visit you all too. :) You know, to keep an eye on you? And remember, signing up does not grant you access immediately. You have to wait like the rest of us for the seventh to arrive, to gain access. Sometimes folk think that by signing up that they’ll gain access to WVU and all it’s 250 courses. Sorry, but they are separate sites.

I’m feeling a little on the off kilter side today. Don’t know what has got a hold of me, but I’m sure it will pass, as all the other off kilter days. Been doing a lot of thinking about my future, where it is heading and where I want to go. Maybe that’s what has me down, I have no direction. I feel like I’m wandering aimlessly out in this world.

Oh well... I’ve had worse happen to me to knock me off my high horse. Maybe I need to go visit the horses up the road, and have a little talk with them. They always seem to understand. It is always a serene moment when even passing the horses. They nod their heads in recognition of me, a stranger passing by, and sometimes they come to the fence, you know, just to chat and whinny in my face. Beautiful creatures they are.

Now the cows aren’t as chatty, they like to graze and be left alone. They huddle together like ju-ju bees on a hot summer day. Sometimes they crowd around the trough, drinking water then go back to grazing. Yes, I find cows amazing. Gee, I’m a city gal placed out here in cow country and all the fields of glory before me, and what? Am I not supposed to sit in awe of the beauty?

I think I’ll drink from the trough of life and see what else the farmers place out here for me, to make me feel a little better.

As for you, you need to keep writing, keep the chin up and remember that God loves you, even on days you don’t feel very loved.


M. SUE said...

Hi Joni~You need at least a comment today: years ago the Peanuts Gang discussed the fact that when the cows lie down in the "grassture" it means it's going to rain, so be sure you remember that when you see those cows being extra lazy!
I think I am looking forward to F2K but never having participated in anything like it I am also hoping I can find my way through the door. Maybe I am a chicken; I know I am a country girl at heart.
Smiles~M. Sue

June said...

Another F2K already! Cool!

When I'm feeling "off" I often write in my journal and often discover what is behind that.

Take care!

joni said...


You get through the door and I'll lead you on a journey you never thought possible. Your writing will take on a whole new light.
If after the first couple of weeks you decide its not for you, you can always quietly leave. :)

I did just that and didn't like what I read. lol My journal told me to get a life! I may have deleted the entry all together. LOL

M. SUE said...

Joni~is there a set time for the Y2K classroom? I ask because it seems the doctors are trying to keep me from getting through the door before I even get started by setting unexpected yet absolutely necessary appointments. I believe Pooh Bear would be saying, "Oh, bother!" Maybe I should just join him! Smiles~M. Sue

joni said...

Hi Sue,
There is no set time to enter. You can enter any time after the seventh.

The first week is orientation where we run around meeting people, so even if you miss the first week, the first lesson doesn't begin until the following week! :)

We are totally free style, you post when you can, comment when you can. It's a very laid back course. :)

We'll work with you! :)

I sure hope to see you there.

M. SUE said...

This is a big relief to my mind. Thank you for helping me better understand.

joni said...

It's my pleasure!

You'll get in there!
We've had so many join and quit halfway through because of medical reasons and what-not, but they always come back. :)

Now you take care of yourself! The doctor's is as important as the writing course, if not MORE important. ;) :)

M. SUE said...

This time the doctor care is for me and the VIP HE of the past 52+ years in my life. My husband had cataract surgeries set only to learn of heart concerns; that has brought about not one but two chemical stress tests (one today and one done in 2 parts, set for the 6th &7th). THEN, we'll see if the eye care can be done. I also have a check-up on the 6th. All of these have come about AFTER I signed up for the course but if nothing else, I am determined. Some would even use the word stubborn. Either way, it works for me!

joni said...

I love that determination in a writer! :)

Like I said, if you start a week late, you'll be fine.

I'm glad you took the initiative!
Now you all be well and I'll keep you in my prayers!


M. SUE said...

Thank you, Joni~looking forward...