Friday, November 04, 2011


"A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom." ~ Robert Frost

You’ve heard those words I’m sure, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Do you know why they say that, because that is the time the cameras are going to roll and everything all the producers had envisioned is going to come into play now. All their hard work, will be put into action.

Even the good Lord, in the Holy Bible tells us, faith without works is dead. Do you know why? Because even God wants you to ACT upon your vision. Say we have a talent and don’t use it, we don’t make proper use or any use of it, it has its own plan of going dormant and without action behind it, the force that once drove it, will surely die.

Action, speaks louder than words. You’ve heard that one too? Well when you’re just a word person, no one can really take you seriously because in all honesty, people have heard the gab before, and without action in your WORDS, they are no different than “faith without works”. ACTION propels. Words are just that...words.

Without action we writers are just tap dancing through life, going through the motions, but to ACT is to force you to move forward. Say you’ve written a novel. Have you done everything in your power to move it forward to the chopping block then to the submitting table for a publisher to look at?

Listen to me, I have a completed novel, a memoir in the works, hundreds of poems all just sitting there because I am not moving them forward. I don’t know why, I think I use the excuse; let me get to this first, and that first, and and and, I become a procrastinating frenzy, and get nothing but other people moving forward.

Since I’ve taken on a new mission to think of myself, and please don’t hand me ‘the selfish little wench’ bit, I NEED to take care of myself. I’ve neglected me for far too long and as my mouth is still in pain, it will have to remain that way until I get some money, to get it looked at, in the meantime, I’m searching markets and before I jump feet first into the care for others pool, I am going to take a little time to care for me.

My body is just beginning to feel normal after two weeks of feeling numb. I think I had a pinched nerve somewhere, still might, because I’m not completely healed, my mouth now feels like a train has rammed into the side of my face and has docked for permanent residency. I hope this gets taken care of soon because I have so much to do, so much in the house to do, so much to write! And no funds to do it.

Pray for me because in my mission to care for others, others have prayed for me, and healing has taken place. I have been in a writing frenzy and am acting upon the God given talent to move ME forward. I may leave a few behind, but then again, those that are left behind, really were not there wholeheartedly to begin with.

James 2:20  But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

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