Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Techie? Not me!

"You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated." - Maya Angelou

I’m no techie, I’m a writer. But being such, I should have a little knowledge of this machine that does the majority of my writing for me. Well, it collects what I say and records me like some kind of futuristic tape recorder with printout abilities.  Yeah, typewriters are a thing of the past and some kids will say, “Man, you’re old, a typewriter?” Yes boys and girls, before the advent of this here thing called the virtual world of technology, we were like cavemen embracing the tools before us, and one of the tools was, a typewriter.

I often times miss the simplicity of my old electric typewriter. I could sit for hours upon hours, with a book; (yes boys and girls, a BOOK made of paper, bound into a front and back hard cover.) it was called a thesaurus and it was always at my side. Typewriter and book, things the tech world rarely comprehends.

Then a new dawn came and overtook our lives and we evolved from cavemen on typewriters, to techies, to surfers, to bloggers, to riding the shores of the information highway. It enveloped our lives like a tidal wave and we rode the swahbuckling massive wave like marshmallows, getting absorbed and melting our way through life.

When I sought change for my blog, since I’m not a techie, I went to my nearest and dearest, Master Stormcrow! He has a way with this thing that I truly don’t envy. Even when he was blind, he kept two blogs going, adding content, making a writer out of himself, embracing the technology of newness, just without 3-D color pixels. (Pixels, is that the right word?) lol Maybe he could see pixies, I dunno! But anyway, he can take a computer apart with his eyes closed (or when blindness owns him) but as soon as his sight was restored, the blog world and he met and he became enamored.

Yeah, sure he liked seeing my beautiful face *cough cough*, and the sky and trees *blah blah* and the grass and leaves *yada yada*, but what he enjoyed tremendously? Surfing the net and actually SEEING what it has been up to in these two years without sight, and that is when he took his blogs and made them  more appealing to the wandering eye.

If you’re a techie, you might appreciate seeing changes, if you're blind for ANY amount of time, you’ll appreciate the changes even more. So all these changes going on in our life and world around us, made me want to stand up for myself and make some necessary changes. And the changes are a rolling, with the grace and finesse that I actually look like a techie myself. Okay stop laughing!

In a world where darkness tries to overrun all that we’ve accomplished, as we embark on new beginnings and embrace the changes before us...we must not lose sight of the fact that WE are HUMAN first, not a computer. Our minds are our motherboard and our bodies the hard drive. Keep that in mind and maybe your future will be full of the LIGHT that God intended!

"Keep a diary and one day it'll keep you." ~Mae West


Deborah said...

I'm gonna try this again...sigh

Love this post, sis! :)

One this I've noticed is that you have a propensity for using "your" where it should be "you're"...I've just let it go, in the past, but I decided you need to be aware of it as a leader in the writing community. :)

In the second to last paragraph you did it there, too. Just an FYI :)
Also,you wrote 'lost' instead of 'lose'.... I believe it's the last paragraph.
You can delete this after fixing, if you so choose.
Just the Editor in me rising up...:P

Love ya Sis! :)

joni said...

Thanks Deb, all fixed.
The first 'you're' I caught in editing, but the editor in me realizes, early mornings and writing. Whew!

A leader in the writing community?
Well thanks! I just see myself as a human blogger. lol

Now I edit you, my friend,

One this I've noticed is that you have a propensity for using...

I think you meant 'thing' ?

Even editors need editors. lol

Love and hugs! :)

Deborah said...

Ok...maybe propensity was the wrong you knew what I meant...hehee!

Well, you're one of my 'leaders' in the writing community! :)

Love and big hugs!

How's the tooth now, btw?

joni said...

Doing okay... thanks. :)

Hey, we writers need our editors and editors they need us writers! We're a team! :D

hugs hugs hugs