Wednesday, November 02, 2011

World of Words

"Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all."
~ Winston Churchill ~

Our Words create Worlds...

Imagine a life without words. We’d be all running around in silence hoping for some swishing sound to fly by our ear. Maybe a fluttering leaf, the waves in the ocean? The downpour of a mid-summers rain?

Without words there would be no books, no imaginative writers and no creator! A writers life is a World of Words. We take one word at a time and shape it into a sentence, then we link those sentences together to form a paragraph; and before you know it, our one paragraph leads to another and the deluge happens; you’re sitting atop a mountain of words called... a novel!

Is that possible, for real? Can you make a mountain out of a molehill? With words, you can create worlds of life, death, light and dark, joy, sorrow, grief, pain and happiness. You are the artist but instead of paint you dip your fingers into the word pool and drip onto the paper the world that you have imagined.

Also your words are going to be splattered on the page and as your reader picks them up they can either lift them to new heights or drop them a few feet below the soil. As the creator of these tales you are the master of the world you create. I think it takes some form of ego to think you are God and can create something out of nothing, but that is basically what writers do; we create something out of nothing and see what can happen allowing the world free reign of all that you created. A God given talent, surely not something acquired through training. All the studying in the world will not make you a writer.

Think of your tale as Earth being formed out of a void of emptiness; breathed into existence. Now think of the readers as Adam and Eve, the ones who will make or break the world you brought into existence. Well, we know how earth turned out, right? So be prepared for not all readers to accept what you write, think it utter foolishness, or think it is divinely inspired by truth.

Let the reader then breathe into your novel their own world. Allow them to create what they want from your words, whether they get what you had intended, or walk away with a totally different aspect of your intentions. Either way you have all filled the world with light and rainbows. You have walked through the forest, taken misguided paths, but in the end, if all goes as planned, you’ll all wind up in the same place, or maybe not.

Have faith...the world was not created over night and as you, a writer, knows success in your novel will not blink into existence. Remain calm, take deep breaths, think yourself the potter, and mold the clay into something everyone will stand in awe of, and most importantly...godspeed. :)

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