Thursday, November 17, 2011

What? No Change?

When you are through changing, you are through. 
~Bruce Barton
Well the week of change is coming to an end as we near Friday. I’m sorry again for boring you but really, writing is all about change so in actuality, I AM writing about, writing. :)

You know, as with anything, everything takes time. In it’s own season and for a reason. When one decides to BE a writer, there are things that you go through and years of persistently grinding the stone to the curb, and in the end, you’ll feel as if you’ve accomplished something. Then there comes a season where you wake up and smell the coffee and realize things aren’t working out as planned, so you begin making other plans.

My entire life has been about change, but until recently, one thing that has never changed, has been my love of writing. Only recently have I begun to think this is the season to change plans, take a turn down the road, hop off this moving train, give back the oars ‘cause I ain’ta paddling! Thank you September incidence's, you marred and scarred me for life.

So what exactly ARE my plans? I may be heading into the mentoring field at WVU, since I am dedicated to Mr. Hembree and the Institution of higher learning.  I’ll continue to embark on educating others in the writing field as a side job in my ever changing world as I grow and learn myself. Then it will be off for a world of change for me.

What is with all this change going on? Well let me tell you, you don’t have a miracle plop smack dab in your lap, molded and shaped by the hands of God Himself, and go back returning to your old ways. No way, no how! Normal takes on new and supernatural shape and form. Never considering myself normal in the first place, life was slugging along at a snails pace, and we were just patiently waiting for change to whack us upside the head.

I don’t really think anyone can understand or grasp the depth of what happened to us. Trying to put it into words has been quite a challenge in and of itself. Plain and simple, he was blind, and now, he sees! On a more complicated level? Everything shifted! The earth moved, literally! Look at the recent earthquakes in the Va./Md area and in Oklahoma too. We’re not the only ones who FELT the shift, apparently the Earth took notice too.

And what is so sad, is that as this shift happens, everyone goes on as if nothing has moved in the transformation. Maybe this was just meant for us? Are we the only ones who’ve experienced the altered state? Am I talking to myself here?

The windowed world holds nothing for me now. Once I’ve been given the chance to see things from a new perspective everything transitioned into a new and improved life altering phase of light. You look different, he looks different, life in general has taken on the variance of shapes and colors that are all meshing in my brain and while people say, “How are you?” I can only answer with “Fine.” because in all honesty, I don’t really know myself.

Things change, people change and nothing is ever the same again. We muddle through, do what we do, and wake up every day doing the same-old-same-old, mundane routine. For me? I’m an altered state. Grasp THAT!


Amelia said...

Isn't it crazy that one can go through a life-changing event and then look around and nobody even noticed?
I think sometimes with writing, we jot it down so we remember the change, the feelings of change. And others may not be as conscious of it because they are not doing something physical with those emotions.
And unfortunately, as humans, we are so fickle, that we often forget the miracles, the sea parting, the miraculous food, the divine gifts and instead whine about whatever irritating itch we want God to scratch for us.
Thank you for reminding us and giving me a new perspective today.

joni said...

Oh V! I miss ya! :)

I'm so glad you stopped by. Your response made me feel not so alone.

Thank you. I may have given you a new perspective, but you've given me hope!!!
The hope that someone out there is listening,reading and actually getting something from what I'm writing. That's all I ever want from my writing. :)

I hope you are well and still writing!!! :)


Deborah said...

Joni, I'm here, reading, playing catch-up with your blog. Been a busy week, but wanted you to know, that I'm dealing with lots of change as I'm relating to what you're saying!
I'm still praying for you as you go through all these sometimes hard-to-handle changes. Mine are hard too, but I also know that you're praying for me as well.

joni said...

You better believe it Deb, you're on my prayer list always!

Changes, although sometime difficult make us better and stronger people. Imagine if the caterpillar said No to change, we'd never see the beauty of a butterfly!

You hang in there! :) love and hugs sis!

Me :)

Anonymous said...

We live in a universe of change and flow and flux...

Virginia earthquake - A day I will never forgot.

And yes, change is a constant. I don't always like or appreciate what changes come my way, but accept that the universe works this way for many reasons.

Where would I be today without the challenges I've been through?