Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After

Ps 63:5 You satisfy me more than the richest feast. I will praise you with songs of joy.  (NLT)

Here it is Thanksgiving past already. The day we all await to arrive, it comes and goes so quick, then you’re left with still feeling full upon wake-up. That’s right Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we hurriedly move towards Christmas; but wait, let’s recap the building up to Thanksgiving so we don’t allow the day of gratitude to pass by without a mention.

As many of my readers know, I often open the vein into my world, and I thought, “What better time, than when you are all at home ignoring me today?” But I might get a few who care to actually scurry in here as you sit at your computers. Welcome to my world.

Right before Halloween, I began hearing Christmas music playing on Wal Marts sound system. There is no time to waste when it comes to the Day of Giving and getting, stress, and noise, lost joy, and loud toys. I’m not a bah-hum bug by any means, but if man is going to decide that Dec. 25 is Jesus’ birthday, shouldn’t we show Him SOME respect and celebrate it in a proper fashion? Nah, man is too weak for that. The respect we show the Lord is by televising women in bras and panties, waltzing down the runway? And men sitting there drool faced lusting in great pleasure? And human beings allowing this? A sad sad society we live in!

Thanksgiving is left in the dark as we speed right through the Thankful meal to get to the stores either at midnight or early morning as we absorb like a sponge, all that the media has fed us and we fall prey to the demon that grabs us. We are mighty thirsty for what that demon offers and I sit here, just enjoying life. Happy to wake up and see a glorious sunrise, not caught up in a world that wants me to conform to their rituals and self absorbed habits.

Some of you may also know that Thanksgiving was going to be extra special for Steven, Adam and myself, since Steven got his sight restored, and by golly it was the best Thanksgiving I’ve had possibly in all my life. But it was not without its twists. Since the many Omaha trips have taken a serious toll on my body, I sat planted on the sofa, unable to do much except enjoy the comfort of my heating pad.

The month of October was full of pain from a tooth that was screaming for help, and by mid-October, my legs and back could really feel the strain of seven hours of tense filled driving, over five times that month. By Halloween, and the success of the cornea transplant was a go, my body collapsed, literally. My legs wobbly like rubber-bands, pain shooting in my mouth, everything that could possibly attack me, did and had its pleasure.

My fight, was to see a dentist, done! Tooth gone and pain in my mouth somewhat subsiding. Then my numb legs, I knew I had to see the doctor; I thought, this is pretty serious. I CAN NOT WALK, and when I do, it’s five steps and I feel like my legs are jell-o. Blood tests came back all clean. Now I await the x-ray results and hopefully SOMEONE will give me SOMETHING to relieve this pain and misery, or it is GOODBYE CHRISTMAS for me!!!

Not that Christmas is all about shopping to me, it is all about bright lights and celebrating the appointed birthday of my Lord! I love the lights, I love the living mangers, I love Church and my church family, because they are whom He placed in my life, MY life, at this time, since no one else (except a selected few) has taken notice.

All Glory and praise to the living Spirit that dwells in me!

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