Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Return to change...

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Victor Frankl
Yeah I think I should return to my writing blog before I bore all of you to tears. Since I AM the mastermind behind this blog, I do have the free reign to do what I want and write the topics that I want. But will you walk with me down this path? Only time will tell.

Last week was blog topics about ‘Helping the Unfortunate of Society’. It has nothing to do with writing, but writers I believe, have a duty, when they’re not off making millions or maybe it is just hundreds of dollars, to help the less fortunate. Me, I make nothing and still feel the need to help the less fortunate and if my words encourage just one person to help someone in need, then my work is not in vain.

We’ve gone through some changes here on the Nebraskan home front. Some good changes but as you know, not everyone embraces change. Change to me is like waking one day having a beautiful luscious green tree, broken in half and the leaves all turned brown. Yeah, I don’t embrace change very easily, but I know, it is just a part of the natural flowing river that God has placed in our fluid lives.

Some folks ride the river screaming, whee whee whee all the way down, missing a few of the intricate steps it takes in getting to the end of the river, or really they are so absorbed in the water they miss the true beauty of the ride. They embrace moving right along, ignore necessity, and they just...flow. That can be good in some instances (if you’re a baby who has no other care in the world, and enjoys being pacified), but in a world full of chaos? That uninhibited flow can also be detrimental.

Others, grab hold of a floating branch; just coast down the river, enjoying all the blessings that surround them  and are well aware of and prepared for the forceful waterfall ahead of them. The rushing of chaotic change comes and suddenly you’re pulled in  many different directions; being stretched here and there but if you’re lucky, you’ll have a guiding hand tugging you on the right path.

That is what is happening to me as the year moves downstream into a new era. I’m putting to rest something that held me captivated for eight years, and while those who continue to flow don’t recognize that they’ve shattered a dream of mine, they’ll flow, missing the fact that they alone were the ones who broke the mirror.

While I hold onto the branch and look skyward seeing what is the next leg of my journey; I’m going to embrace the change that will carry me swiftly to new heights. What am I going to embrace in the new year that will carry me, rushing into a new dream, a new phase, a loving world of souls with their arms outstretched to me? Only time will tell.

I know one thing for certain...my blog and I will survive.  

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