Thursday, December 08, 2011

It could be worse...

Inspirational Writing ~

All this talk about genre has me thinking what genre my novel falls under. Well, its a spiritual thriller, mystery laden, ghosts, angels, and toss in some thrilling uncovered mystery, and a possible time warp and you have... a doggone good novel is what you have.

That is what I’ll be working on during my hiatus in mentoring. I’ll begin the task of revising my novel while working on my health issues that are plaguing my days and nights. This way I’ll feel as if I’m still hands on in my writing, while everyone else is at class whooping and hollering and having a blast living it up.

My mother always has a way of saying, “It could be worse.” And I have to agree with her on that one, it could be worse. But let me remind you that she always says that right before things actually do get worse. She means well in her ways, but sometimes I just have a problem with accepting that theory.

It could be worse. Now there’s a concept we need to look at while writing our novel. Keep those words in mind as your hero has fallen out of a tree, crawled to the highway and is signaling for help. Does a savior come and rescue her? Think “It could be worse.” Then make it worse, she crawls into the path of an about to be picked up hitch-hiker, she calls out for help and as he turns to look at her, his face resembles that of Freddy Kruger! Her heart sinks, but just remember, “It could be worse.” She could have met up with Hannibal Lecter, when all of a sudden the man driving the car gets out to help, and it IS Hannibal Lecter!!!

You see, maybe my mother is not all wrong. Maybe she has something there with that, ‘It could have been worse theory’. As I go through trying times repelling the dark force that wants to fill the hole in my life, as I fill it with the Light, the forces tend to battle it out and I’m in the middle, swirling and twirling and in the end, the light wins, at which time I will stand up and whisper under my breath. “It could have been worse.”

There’s a point to be made here, I’m certain. With Inspirational Writing, you can always talk about the good and the light and the love of the Lord, but your audience more than likely is in a dark spot and can’t relate to a word your saying. Reaching out to their level. You have to give them the depths of the hell that you’ve been through; every slimy shimmering taste of it so they relate, then dish out the light so they drink in the benefits of all that was worse and how you fought to make it better.

In a world where people struggle with their Faith, it is quite easy to see all the Light, surround themselves with what they think the light is, but it is too soon that they forget that the dark exists. “The dark only has power if you let it.”  The most untrue words I ever heard spoken. When the dark has its tentacles wrapped around you while you are breathlessly grabbing for that one ray of light. The dark friends, people, acquaintances all feel you and tug you dragging you into the road, only for you to be spotted by Hannibal and Freddy.

It’s a war out there in this world of Light and Dark...but hey, it coulda been worse...


benning said...

Yes, it coulda been. :)

Good post! Keep to the Light!

joni said...

Always do.


benning said...

Amen! :D