Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit...

Well it is three days before Christmas. Normally my season is full of cleaning, preparing, getting ready. We’d normally have a Christmas party where my jazz man plays the sax and people all gather around for Christmas cheer, and then we look forward to the bustling holiday with family.

This year was changed by the spirit. I might say, the Holy Spirit. With my illness upon me, leaving me basically immobile, and my mans sight restored, the Spirit moved us to bow humbly before the world, the season and life itself. It caused me to see more clearly, listen more carefully, and appreciate the tiny things that matter more than the big things that don’t.

I had thought that I appreciated life in every possible way, but not only did he gain sight, I gained insight. While I cherish my privacy and hold a lot inside, I have a tendency to release to the world my pain and sorrows via my blog, but have I shared the blessings too? Have I told you about the Glory that has been granted me this Christmas season?

Christmas is not about gifts, it’s not about shopping and it certainly isn’t about receiving. I had a God slap moment, where He took me aside and showed me great things. Unlike many, I hear His whisper in the wind, I see the beauty in the snow fall, I feel close to Him when the sun rises and plants a kiss right on my cheek. That is my communion with the God who came to this earth to be with each and everyone of us and LIKE us, human.

I am a gifted woman and I need to let you all know that when it rains, it pours. Whether it is pain and sorrow, or joys and blessings, everything under the sun is for a reason and as so many this season worry about the gift to give, the right party to attend, some will even wonder if the alcohol will be tasty this year.

MY friends, I have a tree, I have a son, I have a man who has made cookies and cleaned up the place nicely (and has made a few quite awesome dinners too). I have all my needs met, and my wants are sitting at the bottom of the hill somewhere, covered in mounds of snow. My season, while filled in pain has found bountiful blessings surrounding me via friends who have reached out and offered an arm of support during this time. Whether they prayed for me, offered kind words, or helped monetarily, they reached out with arms longer than I had ever imagined possible. I am truly blessed. With sight, I send to them blessings.

The Spirit has moved me to see, that this Christmas is all about humbling yourself to the Lord. We live in a world where too much chaos is ruining too many lives, and we need to just step back and embrace our humble lives and appreciate the tiny things because within every one of those, are blessings to be cherished!
May God Bless you all this Glorious Season!!!!


benning said...

Be Blessed, Joni! :D

A Very, Merry Christmas!!!

joni said...

Thanks Ben, I am, I truly am!!!

Merry Christmas to you too!!!

benning said...

Thank you! :D