Monday, December 12, 2011

Lonely Christmas

Lonely Christmas
Where are you Christmas?
My heart is hanging low;
like a tattered worn out ribbon
a frayed old crumpled bow.

Tinsel has lost its luster.
Lights have all drawn dim.
I cradle my lonely Christmas;
my tree I just won't trim.

Where do you hide, my Christmas,
this joyous festive season.
Shine your light upon me,
give my life a reason.

Egotists all set astride,
ready for the day.
While all alone I sit and cry,
for love to come my way.

Underneath the velvet stars,
the cratered moon so high.
I wonder what the sheer night holds;
I span the open sky.

Where is my treasured Christmas;
a Rockwell theme of yore.
With family gathered all around,
glistening lights galore.

Want and greed have sold you out,
your nothing but a show.
No longer lighting up my life.
my Christmas holds no glow.

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