Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Voice...

One Voice...

I hear the voice in the still of the night
it whispers to me causing a fright
I toss and turn I can not sleep
this voice I hear is from the deep.

It wells within the heart of my being
sweltering my soul I wind up fleeing.
Alone in this world with nothing to hold
I straddle my fears as if I am bold.

I wallow in the shapeless city
there to smother in my own pity.
I know no one who’ll toss me a rope,
clinging here relishing hope

The voice it says, “You must convey
your message to all so they’ll obey.”
but is my voice reaching the few
who need it the most, who haven’t a clue?

I’ll spread out my inspired word.
In hopes one ear it will be heard.
Handling the message that I must give,
an awesome release of all I live.

One voice...

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