Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lent: Day Thirty ~ Power in Prayer

Prov. 15:8 The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD: but the prayer of the upright is his delight.

Power in Prayer

I love to hear the words, I’m praying for you. That means a person is actually calling out to God with my name and asking Him to bless me. But wait, is everyone who utters the words I’m praying for you mean that they are praying?

The heart of a Christian is bathed in prayer. Prayer is the cleansing, the healing, the nurturing of the spirit. I believe the world is bound to prayer. I think even the atheist in some way believes deep in his/her soul that there is a God. The reason they call themselves atheist is because God didn’t answer a prayer of letting their mother live while she lay dying, or maybe their sister died and they prayed for her to live.

Usually something tragic has to happen for an atheist to not believe, or they are raised by a non-believer and adopted that belief system. But to give up on God because of unanswered prayer? That is just silly. They seek proof of a physical existence and are never satisfied with any answer they receive.

Humans are fashioned to pray. Some believe they are just talking to their conscience and that there is no force or spirit driving them and when they pray they are actually praying to themselves. I hate to burst their bubble, but God is hearing them. Will God send a bolt of lightning down and give that person all that they prayed for? Nah, He’s waiting for them to acknowledge that He exists. When their prayer is answered will they thank God?

People falsely assume that prayer is about asking and receiving and just because they asked and didn’t receive they turn from Him. Prayer is so much more than asking and receiving, taking and taking, it’s about compassion of the soul.

I like to meditate. I like to go so deep within my mind that the universe and all the cosmos responds to me and it is in that place I voice my prayer, fervent prayer.  I can feel the energy flow slowly through my veins, pulsating through my body and reaching into the depth of my heart making it beat to the drums of the orchestral heavens.

Pss. 54:2 Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth.

Prayer to me is not found in a virtual emoticon, it cannot be conveyed as a heartfelt prayer that way. Prayer is found (to ME) in the words something like, “I’m lifting you in prayer,” assuming the person praying knows what the lifting you in prayer means. But prayer is never found in non-words. People asking for prayer are desperately reaching out to God’s children and they need to hear/read words to comfort them in the struggles they are going through. I cannot and will not diminish someone’s pain by not giving him or her comforting words of my offered prayer.

To me, lifting someone in prayer means I am going into a deep meditation of compassion where I sweep myself into the pit of my stomach and feel the churning rising up within me encompassing the outer banks of the cosmos in a compassionate plea to the Almighty Lord of my soul. The Holy Spirit is there in the realm of conscious meditation and He hears the calling of a need out of your compassionate plea for another.

Saying the words, ‘praying’ does not necessarily mean that a person is praying but their thought of prayer for you is heard. When people extend their words out in number to pray for the same thing it is then felt and when lifted inside you, it is received then answered.

Prayer is the mighty power of the Lord, mounted up inside of you weaving through your thoughts and is carried to the outer banks of the spiritual realm. Our impassioned plea reaches through a timeless expanse into the ear of the Creator and all His creation. This is where our soul resides and this is where the Holy Spirit dwells awaiting prayer.

Can people pray for themselves? There is no particular way to pray but if you are praying selfishly asking the Lord to send you money, or to pay your bills, or to bless you with riches beyond belief; please know that those prayers are heard but will not be answered in the way you think or want them to be.

If you are hungry, He will give you food. If you are tired, He will give you rest. If you are thirsty, He will give you drink. If you are poor, He won’t give you money. In the depths of prayer, there is no evil. Evil only resides in the man who embraces sin. Where there is prayer, satan can not cross the boundaries lest you allow him in via greed and selfishness.

Our soul calls us to pray. Fervent prayer is the rich soil in which you will plant the seed of love and allow it to grow to the magnitude that darkness can never enter. Through prayer you will never know hate, you will never feel the need to release any anger that is welling inside you. Prayer is the calming affect of peace that your soul craves and if all men believed in the power of prayer, there would be no wars.

Prayer is the very essence of your soul. It is calling you to a union that binds you in the love and precious Light of the Lord that resides there. Prayer is the very magnet that draws you to God. Some will fall to their knees and place their hands together, some will raise their arms in praise of the Mighty Deliverer, but prayer is never entered into lightly. Your words become power and there is Power in Prayer, use it wisely.

2 Chron. 6:40 Now, my God, let, I beseech thee, thine eyes be open, and let thine ears be attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.

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