Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A World of Hate

Pss. 86:17 Shew me a token for good; that they which hate me may see it, and be ashamed: because thou, LORD, hast holpen me, and comforted me.

They fall. They fall hard. I watch as they spin the web of hate. They lure. They lure people into their hate and have them feed. They are filled with intolerance. From behind the safety net of their walls they disagree, they paint a picture sometimes (rarely) with truth, but mostly full of discontent.

I watch them. They’re falling; falling for the deceivers web and they share the same angst and go about filling others with the same enmity. Do they sleep well at night knowing they walked doing the Lord’s work that day or do they toss and turn unending wondering what more can they fill with obliquity.

I see. I see them as a false witness spewing scripture as if they live the word when anyone can find an answer to make themselves look good. They’re not called, they’re fixated on deception. Wallowing in the murkiness of it all while pulling others with them into believing the mask that is being worn.

They hate. They are so full of hate that they can’t even see themselves. They see themselves as bearers of information but they are breeders of hate. Their sole purpose is to align society with the same anger that they are filled with. They line up one by one to follow in the misty venom.

They are cunning. Batting eyes in a pretentious manner in a stoic like stance. They are men/women who have deceived, proudly dancing in the aftermath of their destruction. They don’t see it as destruction; blindly they have been led too. Sleepwalking they are, as others walk behind.

The deception has won. How can a mere morsel of love overcome the world of hate? It is a battle that will only be won in the end times when God himself comes and lines people up. So few. So few will be ready; so few will be prepared; so few will care. They feel they have time, time in which they don’t have.

I am not full of hate. I will not serve two masters. Love and hate are masters of the psyche filling your insides to overflowing on this planet; I see hate winning as it is supposed to I guess but where will I be standing? Will I follow the wolf or lay with the Lamb?

I’m awake. I’m not walking blindly and not caring; I’m fully awake. When I see disaster, I pray. When hate is on my waking page, I pray. When animosity scatters across the streets, I don’t share the malicious content, I pray. If men/women are too lazy and blind to read and let it go, they then fill themselves with the same malevolence.

Let it go. By praying you are opening the doorway to love, allowing love to override the negative stature of the human race. You don’t align yourself with hate because in the world of love, you win.

As I walk through the thicket of the war of words, I will fear no evil. I will fill myself in the bastion of love and bathe in the luxuriousness of my Savior. I will wash off all the abomination and be cradled by the power of the Lord that wells up inside me. My shield will gallantly protect me from the heinous wolf who tries to attack me.

I will block; block the force of evil that tries to prevail in these darkened times. I will win. I will win my fight because I fight not alone; I have a shining Light that will burn out any darkness that tries to seep in.

I will fall. I will bruise my knees and skin my elbows. I will bleed in righteousness, as the walk is long and hard. I will bear. I will bear witness to the strength within me as rising up from the Lord’s hand and be a witness to all His glory.

Gather; gather yourselves among the likeness of the King. Bask in His ever-present glow and win with me. Join me in the army of Christian soldiers marching toward the One and Only Savior. Gather not with the wolves. Gather not with the talebearers, gossip-mongers, the elite of troubled ways. Gather yourselves not in a world of hate.

Pss. 35:19 Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause.

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