Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Pss. 9:1 “I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.”

Spring Has Sprung

I almost had to put my two fifteen minute walks on hold a couple days because of the toxins in the fields. The farmers are out spraying and readying their fields for planting. What do they do to ‘ready’ the fields? Their big diesel fume-filled tractors roll out fertilizers and pesticides. No mask is going to disguise THAT poison. 

But it’s okay, I have plenty to do around the house to keep myself busy. Yes, I love this time of year, out with the old, in with the new! So much so, in with the new, new supplements arrived. And I took a walk, a twenty-five-minute walk instead of my routine fifteen-minute walk because I took my dog and she wandered off and I wound up going to find her and it led to a twenty-five-minute walk. 

I’m enjoying walking up the steps again, one by one and not holding the railing! For four years it has been dragging foot, step step. I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other to get up the steps but now, I’m feeling so great I can now walk up steps again!

If any of my daily readers remember before the ‘C’ diagnosis, I had suspected that I had MS. No definitive proof except for my google research.
A recent article by Dr. Mercola has led me to believe even further that yes, I have MS too. 

If you read the article you’ll see that MS is a chronic, degenerative disease in your brain and spinal column. It is an autoimmune disease, which ironically beside being treated with dire drugs; holistically it is treated just like cancer, through your diet! The exact same diet I am on now to beat the ‘C’!!! That is why I am walking better, my balance is improving, and I feel good all around. God is not healing just a portion of me, He is healing ALL of me!

Ninety-five percent of calories in our daily eating life are from processed foods. Our bodies were not designed to eat GMO's, artificial, and processed ingredients. This is why the nation is so full of sickness. We’re are raising mutant children who are being raised on eating toxins and we’re okay with that?

It’s quite hard to pass up that sticky bun in the donut shop window and even harder to pass up when you have a screaming whining kid who you know will shut right up with the ingestion of sugar. So you eat the bun to relieve your stress and give the child a bun to keep him in good spirits. 

Imagine sugar as a drug, are you going to allow your kids to be raised on drugs? Processed foods? It seems I myself was raised on fats and grease because our lovely government takes it’s good old time in giving a nation, the world, the truth about the harmful elements that they themselves approve to be released to our families. Do the research.

When are we going to wake up and stop the basic annihilation of our country? Or are you already on the train of bodily degeneration that you can’t hop off at the next stop? Are you so conditioned at eating unhealthy weight-gaining substances that you’ve lost the willpower to fight?

I don’t know if you understand that God, the very God you put your faith in, gave you the tools to fight any and every illness that attacks you. Our immune system was as intricately built as our DNA strand! We have the tools to fight but daily we are bombarded by the enemy and all of his detrimental attacks on the very systems in our body that God built, and that is via our diets!

If you believe in God, then you must believe in satan. You must be able to fully comprehend how both work. For one, God is not sitting up there in the sky on big white puffy clouds, and satan is not sitting below with a pitchfork waiting for you all to arrive. BOTH are IN YOU! Yup, right there in you!

You might be saying, ‘nope, satan isn’t in me, I have God in there’, while this is true, if you are overweight, you have been ingesting satan for years and not even aware of the force and power that got you where you are. Sugar is the enemy, drugs (legal or illegal) is the enemy, alcohol is the enemy. Understanding where the enemy is inside you might help you fight him off. Remember what satan offered Eve in the Garden? It wasn't a pork chop, it was a SWEET DELICIOUS forbidden fruit! (No, fruit is not the enemy, SUGAR is.)

While we have an epidemic of obesity, people would rather fight the epidemic of suicide rates and ignore the obese nation. While cancer is at an all time high, people would rather walk for more research for finding a cure instead of diving in and SEEKING a cure. You see what I’m saying? The enemy is inside you, distracting you from the REAL healing of your body. The REAL truth you hold. 

Justification of why you are the way you are is not a truth. Satan is literally sugarcoating the truth for you, so you believe him. We ALL are victims, yes even the devoted to God crowd, we’ve been duped by satan for generations but we don’t call it that because it makes us feel safer if we just say, ‘oh, I have bad eating habits.’ 

While I believe physicians have a true place in this world healing, I also believe the majority of them have been overrun by satan also by using drugs and money to feed their profession. They are not concerned with HEALING you, they are more into drugging you and pacifying your problems so you need them, your insurance, and the pharmaceutical companies for the rest of your life. Do you not see it happening worldwide? 

You are never too old to continue learning! After my diagnosis, I dove into research as if I was writing a novel. Hours upon hours clicking this, clicking that, watching this here, and sinking my teeth into something there. Eight weeks later I am empowered! I’m moving ahead and still foraging the field of knowledge that will lead to my HEALING, not to my succumbing to man, satan, drugs, and doctors. 

Spring has sprung and I have a new bounce in my step; new words to share, a new message received and new love to be spread. I kept hearing over and over that it’s all downhill after you hit fifty years old. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be, it can be all uphill if you nurture the willpower inside of you! God Bless each and every one of you to be empowered! 

Prov. 1:5 “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:”


Heather said...

We raised our children as vegetarians for the fist 10 years of their lives. Not a single ear infection or case of strep. In fact, neither took an antibiotic until they were in their teens. Lots of raw fruits, veggies, and even carrot juice. However, as time slid by, our diet became one more of convenience, and now we are paying the price for letting things slide. Thankfully, like you said ... it's never too late to make changes for the better.

Thanks, Joni, for the encouragement to be better, do better, for myself and my family. We've been making some big changes, some have been met with resistance but most have just been taken in stride. I'm even drinking my coffee without sweetener for the first time in my life, and enjoying it! Enjoyed a Minneola Tangelo this afternoon for a snack - lovely!

God bless and keep on keepin' on!

joni said...

Thanks Heather,

That's great! Here I didn't think my words could have an impact but I learn every day of a new person or so and so has changed due to my words. Awesome!!!


benning said...

Meat is allowed by God, and I'm eating it! :D But also staying away from sugar. *sigh* Yeah, it's danged hard!!! I do ENJOY M&Ms! Haven't had a one in weeks. :( So sad! So, so sad.

But slowly losing some weight, which I can easily afford! And that's a good thing. When I don't huff-and-puff at the top of the stairs, I will know I'm getting close. :D

*HUGS!* :D <3

joni said...

God also created Herbivores as well as Carnivores. I was never a big meat eater anyway, I will allow farm raised toxin free chicken. :) I don't think God intended us to genetically modify all our food (for more money) to basically kill the very people He created.

I was not a big sugar eater since childhood, you could say I learned my lesson. :D

A Benning without M&M's is just a Jeffrey. But he's okay too, sometimes. :)