Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Doctor Did His Job

Psalm 73:25-26 KJV “Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee. My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.”

The Doctor Did His Job

He set out to break the barrier of positivism and hope down, and he somewhat succeeded. Let me just say that if he thought for one minute anything I was taking was toxic to my system he wouldn’t have hesitated in pointing out that hey, they’re toxic. In my research on cancer cures, turmeric, Vitamin C, garlic, ginger, ginseng and a host of other things are NOT toxic. Even mixed together in a cocktail all at one time these supplements WOULD NOT be toxic. Although I’ve found sufficient evidence to PROVE chemotherapy IS toxic.

The doctor did his job of instilling DOUBT and FEAR with words like, death, dying, my ability to see my grandchildren one day, and I’m sure many who have gone the chemo route are more than happy to have the chance to see their grandchildren. He also used the fear tactic, that if I was his underage child, he would get a COURT ORDER to MAKE me get the chemo, “But, you’re not underage so you have to decide,” he said in his strong Bulgarian accent.

God keeps telling me, “I can give you LIFE”, “I can fill you to the brim with Hope”, “I HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL if only you have the FAITH of a mustard seed.” His words are most definitely more comforting than what the doctor offered. Now I ask you, who am I to listen to? 

I remember talking to my GP last week and telling her that if I don’t BELIEVE that chemo is going to help me and my mind won’t ALLOW it to help, can it really help me? Isn’t the mind, body, and soul an empowering tool of ours? She looked at me and said, “There is some truth to that!” She went on to tell me that all I AM doing to change, my diet, my supplements, my exercise would only add to the beneficial treatment of chemo. Funny thing is, the onc. doctor said “Meh, you won’t need them with chemo. Chemo will save you alone.” As if chemotherapy was the Superman of cancer and not the kryptonite to Superman. You see how one can be broken down by a doctor who thinks like that? He’s right, I’m wrong, God’s wrong, and any and all supplements are wrong. Even though these supplements have been PROVEN but are still in the ‘clinical’ stages that I’m not eligible for. 

I’m watching another series on cancer The Truth About Cancer series. Did you know that in Switzerland, over twenty years ago a cure was found? You didn’t know that did you? A micronutrient synergy in the form of vitamin c, quercetin and green tea (that’s not the entire protocol) was saving lives but when brought to the medical board they were laughed at and scoffed at because the pharmaceutical companies had no stake in this flighty ‘micronutrient saving grace’. These were doctors of the Dr. Rath Institute in California, who brought this exciting fact-based plan to light and they were shot down. 

Doctor Matthias Rath 
Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki 

These two are no fly by night doctors in the Cancer Research arena. These are the very faces that HAVE the cure! Why does the government not want this knowledge in the hands of patients? Why does the government stand by the chemotherapy route? Have you ever considered that we’re no different than the Jews so many years ago being led into gas chambers, all a part of a mass exodus to be rid of us? Why is God's Herbal Medicinal Healing, HEALING shunned when pharmaceuticals are PUSHED even on our small children with the likes of that new illness ADHD? Kids, OUR KIDS are being drugged too, not HEALED!

Are you getting the picture here? Well, I sure am and even if the PET scan comes back and says its spreading to my brain, I’m going to fight tooth and nail to not go the chemo route. It has only been a month of this protocol I’m on and I’d like more time! The docs can try to break me but my God is the only one who can destroy me completely! Since I have lived with this tumor growing in my body for possibly well over five-ten years, then what is the hurry in getting hit by kryptonite? I mean chemo.?

What scares me so? The Port. It's this small wire and a plastic button placed under your skin that would feed chemotherapy (radioactive therapy) directly to your bloodstream. The port stays in you for years until you are cancer free and then you have a choice to have it removed or not. Let me tell you a quick story. My aunt had cancer, was in remission, had the port removed, cancer came back more aggressively and she died. My uncle, had lung cancer, was in remission, had the port removed, cancer came back, port returned with chemo, and he died. A long slow, painful, deteriorating death. My aunt was 130 lbs when she died, (previously a 250 lb or more woman), my uncle a burly 180 lbs. died underweight also. My dad had throat cancer, he was in remission five years and he chose NOT to remove the port. He eventually died of COPD after being in the hospital for a month. 

So you see, losing THREE family members in the same year also has me wanting to fight AGAINST chemo treatment. They didn’t fight, they basically followed the leader and lost the battle! I will NOT follow the leader! I will follow Christ and what He wants me to do!

So maybe the doctor didn’t win in the end. He placed doubt and fear deeply in our visit and I’ve carried it, now I need to be rid of it, NOW! Prayers are always my saving grace. Praise be to God.

Well, I just found out that the PET scan is going to cost us over $1,000 dollars that we don’t have. GREAT! Whatever is in that fund up there will be used to pay for it. I’ve got enough supplements for I believe 30-60 days. Whoa…just… falls silent …..


Donna Sundblad said...

The cost of that scan! This is the reason we need affordable healthcare...not just insurance. I have a friend (now in his 80s) who talks about how people used to drink fresh carrot juice to cure cancer. Call me a pessimist...or a realist, but now that the industry has grown into such a profit-making industry, I don't think we'll find a cure going that route. And I agree about chemo. I've seen so many languish...hanging on for a couple of years or less. It won't be my chosen route of treatment if I have to face that choice. Hang in there, and seek what God wants you to do, and rest in Him.

Heather said...

You keep standing! God is not the author of fear. Also, make sure you call the PET scan people ahead of time and explain that you need their best CASH price, because it's not covered. Sometimes it's a HUGE difference. Still praying!

benning said...

Before the discovery of x-ray therapy a doctor saw patients who were terminal suddenly be cured. Turns out they had contracted a viral disease, such as cholera. With no cure for cholera they received palliative care only, while they died from cancer. As they fought off the virus their bodies spontaneously expelled the cancers. This doctor studied this for years, abandoning it when xrsys seemed to be a cure. Catch a viral disease and cure your cancer. It worked, but now may only be tried with special permission.

joni said...

Get this, I was as shocked as the girl calling me to register me for tomorrow's visit.
1) the dr's office made sure I was covered FIRST.
2) The scan is 7,whopping thousand dollars! YES, you read correctly 7,000!!! I ONLY have to pay 1,100! That my insurance doesn't pay. (because we just started it in January) I guess they need to recoup after all the other tests and doc visits I had.

I almost said FORGET IT! But I'm soooooo prepared! And I NEED to know if it is spreading to ease my mind!

The girl on the phone was like, "WOW! Just WOW, I didn't know they cost that much."

Thanks ladies for your comments! <3 <3 <3 and (((HUGS)))

Ben, thanks but no thanks to the viral disease. ;) I'M HEALING, BUDDY!!!! :) I just know it and feel it!!!
Now to deal with the doctor trying to FORCE me to do the chemo! Not gonna happen! <3

joni said...

Oh and Donna, On Chris Beat Cancer he said he knew a woman who drank only carrot juice to cure cancer (she kept up her unhealthy living lifestyle) and was cured, but Chris didn't recommend the carrot juice only diet. :) The no carb no sugar, no dairy, no meat diet is for me right now. (only trusted eggs and vegetarian raised chickens with no toxins is allowed)

Wouldn't you know it, my husband works at a food store that has a GREAT selection of healthy foods (organic) No, he doesn't get a discount, but the money we save on me not eating THEIR food gets spent on my organic food. :)