Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Thank You To My Friends

Prov. 18:24 "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

I need to send a shout out
To my online family
The dearest thing that I have
Hovering like a canopy

I tell them that I need help
They run to give me aid.
To me they are essential
The BEST thing that God made!

I call these faithful people friends
Even though we’ve never met
They shower me with support
And love I’ll never forget!

I’ve known some for a decade
Other friendships newly formed
I light up when I see their name
Their words have kept me warmed.

They could have left me out here
Without a care in the world
Instead, they share the burden
In this windowed computer world!

They actually care if I live or die
Their pockets turned inside out
These tender bonds we’ll carry
For years to come no doubt!

I sincerely love these friends of mine
Who treat me like one of their own
I’ll never forget the love they gave
Or the Light from God they’ve shown!

THANK YOU for keeping me ALIVE
God Bless Each and every one of you!

A most sincere indebted Thank you to:
Sara Brittany (niece), Flory (cousin)
Becky, Mike, Ben (Jeffrey), Debbie, Dixie,
DonnaS, Heather, Leona, Stena, B.J Gavina (Jim)

And to ALL of my online FB Friends,
too many to name!
Thank you for your continued support!



benning said...

You're welcome! We do love you, y'know. :D

<3 *Hugs!*

joni said...

Well, now y'all know it's mutual! :D


NurseArtist said...

Hugs and Prayers, always, Joni!

joni said...

Thank you, Dixie!

You all made this a most memorable birthday! There is nothing like the love of friends!