Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Poetic Prose

Poetic Prose

I often read books for the sheer beauty of the words written. Okay I sometimes read for good content, but more often than not, I’m always sinking into a prose train of thought.

When I read Tolkien it is like diving into a masters brain. I often read his work just to stimulate my writing. Sometimes I get stumped on what to write, a block of sorts, and when I read poetry or artistic writing, it always inspires me to write.

Creativity will flow through my veins and smear the screen in colorful poetic prose and then that is when I feel my muse is flowing once again. Where are you at in your writing? Have you tried writing prose?

Let me try and put this simple for you. There are writer’s who write words. A lot of the times it’s more of a telling style. Then there are writer’s who leave you enamored with their style of work. There is a way of showing you the story through the prose style of writing that will have your reader sinking their eyeballs further and further into your story.

So what are you saying to me? (oh I can hear/read you) That you can’t write like that? You don’t know how to give the reader what they want? What is this blog all for nothing? I have told you over and over again, yet you’re still telling me you have troubles?

Hmm... the best way to get over this bump in the road is to sit and write for an hour a day. Just free write, not going back to check what you’ve written. Okay, now you’re going to look at it again. But through a poetic window with new eyes.

“The wind blew hard that day in December.”

“The gusty winds swept through my hair on that cold December day.”

It’s just a matter of sprucing up plain words with some more active adverbs and adjectives. I’m always saying, “Don’t overuse those adverbs and adjectives,” but there is a time when your words need that imagery to carry your reader to the next paragraph.

If he/she isn’t interested in your work, than you need to try harder in bringing the images alive for them. Think of the paper/screen as a palette. You are the artist going to paint the colorful scene only you have no paintbrush, you have pen (or keyboard) in hand and your words are your magic wand that will put a spell on your reader after the first sentence.

There are many tools to the left to help you get where you want or need to be as a writer. Are you using them to the best of your ability? C’mon you can do it. I know you can. I see so much activity over the Internet that there has to be room for YOU! Yes YOU can be the writer you always dreamed of being. Learn the craft. Hone the skills. Practice the elements!

Now get to it! There is nothing holding you back but you.

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