Monday, August 15, 2011

Let GOD do His Work!

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. 
~Leo Buscaglia
You know what bothers me more than anything? Is when you’re waiting for something and everyone around you is in more of a hurry up, get ‘er done mode than you! That should make things go smoothly, right? Less tense for you? As if you haven’t got enough on your plate?

I can not tell you how many times in the past month I’ve heard, “Any news yet?” or “Hear anything yet” When I simply said, “No, haven’t heard anything. I WILL let you know when I do.” So do they think I’ve heard something and am keeping it a secret? Do they seriously think this is info I can sit on and keep for myself?

Some people know and respect the tense situation. The anxiety of it all and they keep their mouths shut and just are an arm of support during this time. But seriously, I think all the rush rush rush, lets get it done attitude is what cost us a successful outcome last time and I’m wondering, will it hinder it this time?

My friend at church yesterday said, “Well I hope the call comes soon.” And I said, flat out, “It is in God’s time that the call will come. I don’t care WHEN it comes, I’ll just WAIT ON GOD!”

We live in world where patience is not accepted. You sit here waiting, day after day, you move forward with patience in one hand, faith in the other. But when people insist on putting these thoughts of  “Hurry up” or “Can’t wait” or “What’s taking so long.” Are they the ones who lack faith in the patience process or do they feel that they have some form of control when they can’t even be patient and wait without handing you the tension.

No one is eager or more in the ‘waiting’ mode than beau, who awaits this cornea transplant operation more than ANYONE! Second, I guess, would be me, since we’ve walked through this together hand in hand, patiently, anxiously, apprehensively and everything in between. But I never and I mean never, wake and say, “Sure wish that call would hurry up and come in.” How selfish is that statement? This isn’t about ME or YOU, or anyone but BEAU!!! Is the hurry up mode going to have a different outcome than the wait and SEE, mode?

As people sit in the background fretting, the when’s and hurry ups, I sit here and just pray. Sure money is important, but I do believe that God will handle and take care of EVERYTHING down to the last penny. There is no NEED for worry! But go right ahead, if that is what makes you get through this, then worry away. But I’m telling you, I WILL let you know when I hear something. PROMISE!

Me, I’m just here. Let me know when *I’m* needed, Lord.

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