Friday, August 26, 2011

Putting it in Perspective

The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose. ~Richard Grant
The week in review....

We’ve had Procrastination, Prioritizing, Networking and Focus and a culmination of the four days leads to this post.

Monday - As a writer, the Procrastination post was about where we discussed putting things off. We allow things to jumble and cloud our day so much so we miss our quiet writing time. Playing around and goofing off also keeps you distracted enough so you get no writing done and I had to make sure you saw if you were on that path. Some are on it, some like it, some could care less. Me? I’m in the mood for change.

Tuesday - This was a day where I pinpointed Prioritizing. You know, where you put the playing around on hold and make something other than ‘games and fun’ a priority, like writing?
This was also the day that an Earthquake rattled the east coast. While the local news here in Nebraska didn’t even give the story a second of its time, World news found it vital to report. All of my family is back east, in Maryland, and yes, they felt it. My 73 year old parents were quite shaken, literally. Since my mothers stroke and my dads survival of cancer, they moved to a retirement condo and they live on the eighth floor.
So while everyone made jokes about  the quake, being far from home during a panicky situation made me miss them all the more.
Perfect day for a Prioritizing post, made me SEE where my priorities lie, and what *I* need to do.

Wednesday - This was the day my Networking post went up. I went to place it on Twitter, and it is already part of a newsfeed! Yay! My Networking with fellow writers is working. I’m not just an airplane cruising through facebook happily prancing and playing and woohooing and weeHeeing, I’m actually putting into ACTION, all of this weeks posts! Wow! I think it is called follow-thru? I’m not just preaching words and going on my merry way, doing my own thing and not acting on them. I’m actually taking my own advice! Now, there’s a change I like!

Thursday - This FOCUS/Discouraged post was a way of helping me to see the err of my ways. I recently touched base with a friend I had lost. It wasn’t via facebook and doubt that we’ll EVER be friends on facebook again. You see, facebook may be a social wall, it may be a place to Network, but sometimes you see things in people, that you wish you had never seen. You see them in a whole different perspective, and maybe if you wouldn’t hang out with that kind of person in real life, maybe you shouldn’t be faking your LIKE to them on facebook. I am not one who is false and that is why my friends list is at a minimum. I actually LIKE you all if you’re on my list.

Friday - The culmination of an enlightening week. This week has been full of insights that I’ve shared with you, that I’ve learned along the path in the writing world. I give off some negatives but hopefully run over all that with the positives.

As Irene heads to the coast, as natural disasters head to the earth in a meteor shower raining down on us, as the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 tragedy approaches, maybe what we all need to be doing is reflecting and not joking about it. Humor is good in the right place, but false humor appears as fear. Don’t fear impending doom, if it is your time, embrace it. You ARE ready, right?


benning said...

I don't think I wish to embrace impending doom! And I won't be joshing about the natural disasters. Some may simply scare us, but others cause death, destruction, and sorrow. Not a subject for levity. :O

This week has been a productive one for you, Joni! Great posts, insightful thoughts, good ideas. Well done, Poetess! :D

joni said...

I just meant, you can't run away from it so take it all in, embrace it, and God will handle the rest.:)

Ahh...and I'm blessed with male friends too! :)

Thanks buddy! :)

benning said...

You are blessed in so many ways, Toots! :D