Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Writing Community

The wings of hope carry us, soaring high above the driving winds of life. ~Ana Jacob
It’s been one of those years where if it was not for the writing community holding my hand as I walked through some difficult days, I wonder if I would ever have been able to get through them. Well that’s silly, I know I would have made it through. I’m a strong woman and have certainly been through worse in my life.

From yesterday’s post (if you read it) you may have gathered that it is a lonely life out here in the middle of the good ol U.S of A. but maybe you didn’t notice the angst, or maybe you did. Here lately anything I do is usually so misunderstood that people either shun me, apologize for their behavior or back away from me completely. I don’t blame them I just don’t want anyone to ever feel intimidated by me. I have problems and sins just like you! This is NOT a pity party, this is a Happy-To-Be-Me Party!

It’s okay. I’m so used to being alone in this world that when I have God over for a chat, we usually talk like giddy school kids. Okay, seriously, I do all the talking and He does a whole lot of listening.

It’s ironic, I have this one friend that understands my mind completely. We’ve never met, we’ve been virtual friends for about two-three years and every word that comes out of his mouth has substance to it. Every post on his facebook wall is of intelligent, thought-provoking posting. He told me that change is inevitable (like it or not) and to be patient, and that is what I will wait for, the inevitable face of change.

As much as I depend on books to inform me, friends to support me, I also frolic in the world of change. You’d think I would have gotten the steps down by now, but with each day that I begin to dance, there is a new step to learn, a silent whisper of change that we all have to get used to as we go through our lives.

By my New Year (which I celebrate, as always, on Easter) in 2012, my world will have taken on the shape of a piece of clay. It may be molded into something spectacular, or it may remain shapeless (which I doubt very much.) I will walk with my head held high and will have either carried you all with me on the journey or by then, you will have all run for the hills screaming, “This woman is insane!” 

You tolerate me at my darkest, cheer me at my nearest, pray for me at my weakest, and you’re all still here. I hope and pray that you come along on this journey because truly, without you, my virtual friends, I may not even have made it into a ball of clay! I would definitely be a shapeless form! To the Writing/Arts World, I give three cheers! To God...I give my all!


benning said...

Of course we're still here! :) Where else would we be? Burger King?

Enjoy us, Friend! You can't get rid of us. :D

joni said...

I'd have you crazy, quirky people no other way! :D

benning said...

Good thing! That's how you get us! :D

joni said...

So who are you crazy or quirky? :P

Ha! I know I know, you're BOTH!!! lol