Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poetry Sunday ~ Today...

The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too. 
~Teresa of Avila

I saw you in the sky today
floating o’er my head
I glanced you in the field somehow
but not a word was said.

I felt you in my soul today
you pierced a hole right through.
I clutched you in my hand today
Lord God I know it’s you.

You saw me in the world today
approving of my worth.
You saw my inner thoughts and said
“I molded her at birth!”

You carry me around each day,
like I’m a floating feather.
You are the umbrella to my soul
through any kind of weather.

Cast me not in the sea today
like all those gone off course;
Cradled in your arms always
with hearty heavenly force!


Stormcrow said...

Hey, I like that.

joni said...

Thanks! I knew you'd like it! :)