Thursday, August 25, 2011

Focus: Part II

The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it. ~Charles DeLint
I think I missed the five tips to get you focused so that you can do away with the networking of the facebook frenzy for a moment. I’ve come down pretty hard on facebook this week and it is only because I allowed it to absorb so much of my time and needed to be slapped upside the head by some things that kind of put everything into perspective for me.

Let me just say this, I am highly insulted when someone says I  basically: Don’t love my country/child/mother/brother/sister, dead or alive, that I was raised basically by the Hickmeisters of society all because I won’t repost something on my wall? I am not a conformist of this world who has a need to repost my love for my country/child/mother/ father/sister/ brother. I’m finding, my mother actually DID raise me right! :) *holds door for you*  “Now PLEASE leave. Thank you.”

By falling prey to the facebook fiasco you lose focus on things that really matter. Do you really need to know or let others know how you were raised? I have a blog for that. :)

Stay Focused

1. Many of you have jobs/children that keep you occupied; so busy you rarely find a moments time to write. Make it a point to focus on you somewhere in the day, if you don’t, you will lose yourself. Write! Junior napping? WRITE! Dad home/fed/bathed? Hand off junior to HIM and take a moment for you!!

2. Don’t lose sight of the goal at hand. Think about what it is you want to accomplish. Maybe it IS your farm at farmville, maybe you want to take a walk. Make a goal, and stick to it.

3. If writing is your goal, and you’re pretty serious about it, make an effort to sit down and write in the quiet moments you have alone. Calgon will not take you away to the bathing fantasy of your dreams. Someone HAD to purchase the stuff, right?. Make it a goal to ‘buy’ yourself some time to write!

4. Once the distractions (facebook, coffee, playing,) are out of the way, sit yourself down to WRITE! Why not write out the goals you have in mind for the day? I can bet on the list wouldn’t be ‘One-hundred things to do on facebook, then write.’

5. Focus! This is not the time to be discouraged or lured away by all the shiny objects dancing around in your face, or all the peeps on facebook that you know as acquaintances (excluding your network of friends, mind you) FOCUS on your goal! Grab what you want and go with it. Become your dream and soon...all the flashy elements will become diamonds in the sky!


Angie Kinsey said...

Howdy! Thanks for the kick in the pants part deux. I would also add that some of the 'challenges to repost' are considered viral. It's not so bad with larger bandwidth now, but they are used to clog up the internet (for lack of a better illustration).

joni said...

Yay! I get a howdy! Thanks Ang!

And does a re post (or lack thereof) Really mean we love less? I think not. I personally think it means we LOVE more! :D

M. SUE said...

Repost, to me, removes the individuality that I treasure perhaps to the point of being selfish with it. I know I am stubborn about it in that I absolutely refuse to follow the crowd! I'll do it my way.
About focusing on writing: I have found the writing does not do itself. If I want it done, it has to come from me. Imagine that!
Sending smiles~ M. Sue

joni said...

Sue, You too are unique! Your posts are all your own and they shape who you are.

I see right here among us three, individual personalities, but drop dead beautiful ones at that! (((big hugs)))

Deborah said...

Thank you, Joni! I'm another who refuses to repost! Ugh, I get so tired of seeing those on my wall every time I get on; they're EVERYWHERE! And I don't do the forward thing with email either...definitely a leader, here, and not a follower...I'da been in big trouble had I been a follower in my younger years. Praise God, He's made me who I am, stronger, because of Who He is in me.
Like Ang said, "Thanks for the kick in the pants..." it was needed! :)
I also agree with Sue! :D

joni said...

What grand ladies the Good Lord has blessed me with. :)

Thank you all for your continued support!