Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poetry Sunday ~ Insanity ~

Some people always sigh in thanking God. ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning
~ Insanity ~

I will not suffer insanity
for want of naught profanity.
My life is valued higher than
all the snakes who think they can.

I will not conform to this world
let gold and greed be unfurled
I’ll not partake of mans own sickness
I’ll ride the galaxies true quickness.

I want a man who sees stars in my eyes
peers right through this beauties disguise.
He’ll be a man who meets my level
and walks in the light, not with the devil.

He’ll meet me on the astral plane
there we’ll soar and there remain.
I won’t look back for earthly treasure,
For God’s own tempo meets my measure.

Can two be one on this earth,
can He help me see my worth.
The Lord has bled all love on me,
allowing me bliss with eternity.


Stormcrow said...

Well said.

joni said...

Not too insane, I hope! ;)

chrischaos said...

isnt insanity when you write the same poetry over and over and over again. ^_^

joni said...

I don't know Chris, ask Poe. ;)