Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Follow your passion, and success will follow you. ~Terri Guillemets

In writing, we need to be leaders and not followers. As we go down the writing path, we are to set new trails for other new writers to sow, tread their own path. You can always tell a follower by the way s/he mimics another person. They will either copy their style, do what the leader is doing, or downright be like a mime and mimic the leaders every move.

On facebook I watch as followers repost everything that is ever posted as a repost. They copy the style of other facebookers, and do the same thing, where it all becomes a mesh of the same, insanity in a bubble filled room.

I like bubbles but ever since I got a computer bubbles have taken on a new shape and are not the soapy film residue with air stuck in it, it has become little pop up windows that are annoying and an insult to my intelligence as I’m trying to work and have coffee.

My peaceful morning is saying good morning to friends over coffee. Which is quite normal, right? Facebook is open, my rough draft is open as I try and write the day’s blog. But somewhere along the fine hairline of the morning, bubbles start popping up and I don’t mean one person coming in to say ‘good morning’ I mean people LIKING, commenting, liking other posts and the bubbles go to the top of the screen and it all looks like insanity trying to climb its way into my peaceful morning. And again, if I see one more WOOHOO and WEEEEEE, I'll just vomit. But hey you don't have to earn my respect, I have to live with your disrespect.

Facebook has been a total turnoff to me in the past few weeks, and as I try to gain my sanity back, I can’t leave the few really dear friends I have that are in other states and countries, dangling without a wave of hello from me.

I was leading the way one day and as I turned the corner the followers were following and then on another day I decided to change the lead, and guide in a whole different direction and guess what...they followed me again. :)

None of this probably makes any sense, but I’ll be darned if I allow one spittle of insanities touch to drive me mad and off the deep end. I need to regroup and rethink my path and I will not hold hands with the zany and crazies of the world at this juncture. I need calm, peace, tranquility and I will follow whoever is going to lead me there into that lightened path.

There are so few leaders of this day. Okay...I’ll continue to lead you...

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Martureo said...

"There are so few leaders of this day."

So true and so sad! What's even worse is that the leaders who are there are mostly people in Hollywood and the music industry. These leaders are leading this generation into a place that I don't think they truly want to go. This is why I have made it my life goal to not only lead but to train the young people that God has given me to be leaders.