Friday, August 19, 2011


The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.
~James Bryce

In my writing, sometimes I can be so dramatic as to lose sight of what I’m writing. An outline is good in those instances, but my fun comes when I just sit down, free write and have fun doing it.

A lot of my poems just flow from me like one of those rivers that are at peak capacity? When my words come across as dark, dreary and depressing, or redundant and quite annoying, then usually my life is in a silent whirlpool vortex that spills words out like gum balls from a broken machine.

You notice that the gum balls scatter all over the place, like my words, and you look at all the pretty colors, like the imagery in a poem, and you want to pick each and every one of the gum balls up, like the work of tightening my poem. Then you realize that it is fine the way it is and is a little obscure so that the reader has to figure out the meaning.

I like to think my readers are intelligent, so I give them words that they have to sort of disassemble. Their minds have to think on the profundity of the subject at hand. Not that I want them confused as the poem strikes them upside the head, but I want them to think, “What is in this woman’s mind!” I want the poem to reach inside their mind and become  a tornado of thoughts and a hurricane of explosion.

Just as a short story should leave you wondering in awe of the fluid beauty of it’s delivery, poetry has to become that same form of delivery. I don’t hit my mark with everything I write and that is what we writer’s need to take into consideration when being the pizza man for readers. We need to allow the reader to call us up, (picking the book up) and we need to give them great service (delivery of a good story) and make sure they inhale all that we offer (our words, not the pizza.) ;)

Now isn’t that what writing is all about? Fun? Well you know you can write, have fun AND eat pizza, but please know, it could get messy on the keyboard. Now, where was I? FUN. That’s what writing is! I’ve been told I have wit, wisdom AND beauty and that is what I intend to carry to my work. But most importantly have fun doing it, or the work will come off as forced.

Now what are you going to do??? Write? Eat some pizza and have some fun! :) Go get ‘em!


benning said...

Can I munch M&Ms rather than pizza? ;)

If you can't have fun, doing something you love, why bother?

Great post! :D

joni said...

Ben, You can drizzle your pizza in m&m's, as long as you have fun doing it! :)

It's all fun fun fun, til the daddy takes the T-Bird away! :P