Wednesday, April 07, 2010

F2K Begins

Jer. 4: 19 My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war;
The doors have been opened, the students unleashed onto the halls where they will run and scurry about looking for their homeroom. We’ll aim them in the right direction, but within weeks they’ll want to change rooms, which isn’t allowed.

The people will learn some simple basics in writing, then they’ll carry this course with them in all of their writing and maybe even come back again just for more fun.

This is my favorite part of the year. I get to guide and teach people new things, inspire them to do their best, and make friendships along the way. Sometimes my life gets stirred into an upheaval where I need this f2k to keep me right here on the ground where I belong.

I’m referring to my daily routine and the people who come into my life for God knows what reason, they use, abuse, slaughter and beat me down until I no longer recognize the real me. Oh, not in the physical sense, mind you, in the psychological sense where they feel empowered and I’m left standing in the rain, with my hair stretched out along my face.

The one thing I do have, is the knowledge of being aware that the psychological warfare is happening. Maybe these folk think they have the upper hand in their deceptive ploys, but I’m aware, lucid, knowledgeable and I go on my days as if nothing different has happened to change my life or way of thinking. Hey, if they can fake it, so can I.

F2K will bring some kind of presence into my life, just like WVU does. It will carry me away to the land of imagination, fun and fancy free. I’ll toss off the walls I’ve built up, let my hair down, run through the fields barefoot and let loose on my writing. This is what keeps me sane in an insane society.

Don’t get me wrong here people. What I’m trying to say is that writing is a portal for me, a place of escape where the mundane becomes a playing field. Battles are fought and I can win. It makes me feel good that the Lord gave me the gift of writing to unleash my insanity and release it to the unknowing world.

If you see me saying WOOHOO, know there is a pained smile behind it. If I make you laugh, know that laughter is cold in my heart. If I inspire you and make you feel good, know when I look in the mirror, my reflection is gone. When I ramble on and on about who knows what,  please know...I’m writing on the white board of  my mind.

Always the first in line and the last to know.

Psalm 73:16 When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me;


Stormcrow said...

Thanks for the update.

joni said...


Ro said...

I haven't had a chance to roam the halls. It really wasn't a good time to do it, but when is there a good time? Things are so busy lately. I could have gone exploring this morning, but I was so behind on the blogs I read that I wanted to dissolve into their worlds. The pain you hinted at is ever present in my life right now too. Perhaps that is why I jumped into F2K.

joni said...

It's okay Ro,

F2k happens three or four times a year, if you miss out totally this round, try again. :)
Just never give up!
I dive into my writing to hide any pain. Sometimes it shows in my words but that is okay too, because as I release, that only means I am one step closer to healing? :)

You too, find healing through the written word. :)

June said...

I really miss roaming the F2K halls. My UCLA writing class beings Wednesday. (I'm halfway through the Writer's Program!)

I hope the next F2K is too far in the future....

Take care,

joni said...

Woohoo! June is alive and well! lol

I think bob has f2k scheduled for July 7!
He's really on the ball here lately. I like it. :)

suzmuse said...

Hi Joni~
I am thankful you have had better news regarding your dad and will continue to keep all of you and his medical caregivers in my prayers. I will also remember to thank God for His listening ear and loving care.
What I see at this site is an explanation of F2K that I asked about (thank you) but nothing to tell me how to get started. I have never taken an online writing course so perhaps I just don't know where to look or what I am seeing when I am looking right at it! I hate to ask you to hold my hand all the way through but this is my first day of school, so please help.
Smiles, M. Sue

joni said...

Awww I don't mind sue!

Right now F2k is in session and we're on our fourth lesson this week.

We'll have another course beginning around July 7th, I think, and I give plenty of notice for sign up. I'll give the link and all! :)

Once you register for the course, you'll get a password to enter but remember this, you can not enter until it is opened on the date stated. So many people get so excited about receiving a password, they try to gain access immediately.

And like Ro, once in the course, you'll be assigned to a mentor, and like Ro, I would check on you often if you don't get my room.

We have ALL ages and stages of writers in the course, so I think you'll like it.

Dig through my archives and you may even find out what each lesson is all about, before joining. :)

Oh, and MY DAD IS HOME!!! :) Thank you sweet Jesus! :) The power of prayer WORKS!!

Thanks Sue!

suzmuse said...

Hi Joni!
What great news about your dad...for him and for you! I am thankful.
Thank you for letting me know more about F2K and please be sure to add me to THE LIST. The timing sounds good and I think the challenge may be exactly what I need to light a fire under my creative kindling.
Looking forward and keeping up with One Voice-Write Right in the meantime.
Smiles~M. Sue

Ro said...

Careful there, Joni's gonna give you the writing bug like she did to me. ;)

I plan on taking the next F2K too, so maybe I'll see ya there! It's so fun!

I think I'm a bit of an over achiever; I already posted my lesson four....hehe!

suzmuse said...

Well, Ro, with your being an overachiever and my being...well, we shall see, I guess, maybe we'll even out! I am looking forward and I will happily look for you there.
M. Sue