Friday, April 30, 2010


Psalm 51: 12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.
From my perspective, life is moving along at a snails pace, the mundane becomes boring and a shake up is in order for it to move along swiftly. Oh, wait, I already had a shake-up a few weeks ago. Still reeling from the aftermath too.

Perspective is where we can sit on a cloud and look down at people and their lives, swooping down to get a closer view or just sitting and observing. I gain perspective the longer I observe and in writing that is just what you need to do sometimes, observe.

I observe other writers as they link words together to form sentences. I watch as the sentences take the shape of paragraphs, and the paragraphs form a story. What better way to learn than to witness the classics in action?

I’ve read some newer authors and I’m not impressed with their storytelling. What I get from the library shelves is that this new author writes the book, feeds it to the editor and sometimes the publishing house needs new blood so bad they accept, not so good work.

I see typos throughout, misspellings weaved in, atrocious punctuation and this all slipped by? Wasn’t anyone watching the creation of this tale? This is the very reason I prefer classics. The story didn’t depend on a computer program. It depended on a writer sitting at his/her desk tapping on the keys of a typewriter. Yeah, a typewriter, remember those ancient things?

I’m not knocking new author’s, by no means. After all, I can learn a lot from them too. I see what NOT to do in a story.

I read differently being a writer. I try to get into a story, but I’m always picking it apart, word for word, sentence for sentence. It can become quite annoying so I rely on the classics to take me to an imaginary world, where I soar in the reading of the text, without picking and needling every aspect of the writer’s skills.

Maybe I should start listening to audio books. You can’t find typos if you’re listening now can you? And you can hear the words forming sentences, but you can’t nit pick the structure.

As far as perspective goes, this is my view, from my world, my perspective. Others may have a different take and that is okay because being a human being with free will, you my friend, have a perspective too.

Enjoy being unique. Cherish the life you were given and always have, give and share your perspective. You’ll be glad you did. :)


Ro said...

Well, you can't nitpick structure with audio books, but you can nitpick everything else haha! I'm already noticing that I don't just fall into the story anymore. I'm sitting there really picking out imagery and senses now haha! Gee, thanks. ;)

joni said...

Ha ha! You've been bitten by the writing bug.
But it's such a cute little bug, one that doesn't need exterminating. :)

June said...

It would seem that many publishers are cutting corners, trying to save a few bucks, by not doing a proper edit of the books before they are on the shelves. This is bad, because you're not the only one noticing. My mother has made the same comment about some of the books she's reading.

Take care,

joni said...

And we the reader are the ones who lose in the end. But then again this can not help the writer's sales.

Thanks June, for your perspective. :)