Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Astri

Astri's Sixth Birthday
born - died 4/26/04

I look around for evidence,
of her soul's existence.
I cannot find her anywhere
through all my tried persistence.

A gently cradled baby.
A stroller passes by.
My eyes begin to fill with tears.
I ask the question why.

Why is she not here with me?
Why has she gone away?
Why am I the lonely one?
Left to brave each day?

Is she now safe in heavens abode?
Are the Angels now her mother?
Is she there within the vibrant realm,
that's home to her own brother?

Does she think of me, as I of her,
with every passing day?
Will we ever meet again?
I'm lost for what I'd say.

I feel her in the warm swift breeze,
I sense her in a flower;
The birds all sing a song for her;
A gentle rains her shower.

As years have passed I mark the day.
The day that I gave birth.
The day I seen her soul depart.
From this luscious earth.


Ro said...

*hugs* JayNoi *hugs*

suzmuse said...

Astri...A loved one tucked tenderly in love-filled memory. Thank you for sharing your heart, Joni. M. Sue

joni said...

Thanks Ro!

Just a tough day for me.

joni said...

Thanks Sue!

The memory never fades or gets any easier with each passing year. :(

Ro said...

I can't even imagine, so I figured hugs were better than words.

June said...

Hugs, Joni! (And a beautiful tribute to both of you...)

Take care,

Doreen McGettigan said...

I placed a flower in the lake for your I did for my brother 7/3/2002-4/26/1999 and my stepson 12/10/1978-4/26/1996..very tough day that we have in common and you are so right it never fades or gets easier..HUGS!

joni said...

Many hugs back to you Doreen.

We can always go on
and our loved ones never part because we carry a piece of them...forever in our heart. :)

God Bless!