Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Accident...

Job 17:7 Mine eye also is dim by reason of sorrow, and all my members are as a shadow.

Well friends, I said I’d write about my life if something came in an upheaval. This warrants an upheaval of my life.

I was in an accident yesterday. I’m out on a farm, dirt roads either way for at least 2-3 miles. I was doing about 35 MPH when I hit a wet patch on the road, swerving left, right, left, right. Something came over the truck and a force grabbed the wheel turning me left, placing me into an embankment of water. Had I swerved right, I would have smacked right into a telephone pole. Adam (my 14 yr. old son) and I would probably not have walked away with bruises had we pounded the truck into a pole.

The airbags exploded in our faces, smoke billowed, and stench filled the air.  “Are you alright Adam?” Was my first words that screamed out of my mouth. “Are we dead?” I saw so much smoke, I later joked about us both winding up in hell together since there was so much smoke!

My face felt like I was hit with an iron frying pan. I unloosened my seat belt, Adam did the same. We opened the door to step out into two or three feet of cold water. Adam scurried to get the books out of the back of the truck. We had been on our way to the library and food shopping. He climbed the embankment, placed the books down and came back to help me, my little hero.

My feet were sinking deeper and deeper in the mud and my head was spinning. Instant headache and oh how my face hurt. I reached back into the truck to find my purse and Adam found it, handed it to me. I placed it over my shoulder and headed toward the back of the truck.

My shoe came off, I managed to get it back on my foot and pull it out of the mud, only I couldn’t find my bearings to get across the three foot ravine. Adam reached out and helped me over and we both clawed our way to the top, about five or six feet high, of the embankment.

We’re at the top now hollering for help, our faces burning with pain. Adam had blood running down his face and I immediately went to inspect him. “Are you okay?” shivering, I asked. “YES!” he screamed, “What happened?” tears were now flowing and as we looked off into the distance a truck was coming and we both waved our hands unnecessarily because he was already coming to a stop. “You need help?”

“It just happened. I don’t know what to do.” He told us to get in his truck, he would drive us home. We were wet and muddy, but he didn’t care. Instead of home, he stopped at the nearest farm to see if anyone there could help. They called a sheriff and a wrecker to come dig us out of the mud. My tears and fear would not stop.

More tears as we waited on the side of the road. I had called Steven, my beau, from the truck and I kept thinking how he would hate me for doing this to his truck. He didn’t hate me, he asked if we were both okay.

The man had to go to work. The wait...wet, cold, windy as all get out; face burning, more tears, worry, tears, pain, more tears. The sheriff and then the wrecker arrived almost an hour later. They got the truck out of the ravine and the wrecker guy said, “Your truck don’t come off of my truck until you pay, a hundred and fifty or more.”
“I just want my truck home, can you get it back to our farm, right up the road?” I said, shivering still. “Oh and can you take a check or credit card?” Money we do not have!
“Yeah sure.”  Wow, sympathy flowed from him like a dry damn.

I’m home. I ran into Stevens arms like a baby to her momma! More tears, more pain. I’m alive. Now the affects take shape and form. Can the truck be saved? With Steven blind, and our truck the only form of transportation for us to get ANYwhere, we’ll need all the strength we can muster, once again. Now I need to physically and mentally heal.

Prayers will help too because I believe in the power of prayer. Now I wonder...what is God up to? Everything happens for a reason, right?

Prov. 15:23 A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!


Ana said...

OH,Dear Joni,
My words won't come out.I am breathless,sad,very worried and concerned for you and your son.This must have been the worst ordeal in your life.
Were I there,I would like to comfort you and your son and tell you all is all right. I will pray for you all week and help as much as I can in CALVINO'S room.Relax,rest and take it easy.We all LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU.
Has the doctor been?He doesn't know me,but I will be thinking of your son

My very ,very best.



benning said...

Get a pony and a pony cart. ;)

Get some rest and worry about the truck later. You and Adam are far more important. Got it?

Ro said...

*hugs* JayNoi my dear lady I'm just so glad you both are ok. You know, I heard a comedian once, talk about his life. He had been through so much horrific stuff but he said it only helped his comedy. He said to ask any comedian where they draw their humor, and most have tragic stories. Maybe it's the same for most creative endeavors. I'm learning at F2K that some of the best writing seems to be coming from people who have faced some pretty tough stuff in their life. Maybe that's why. Or maybe you just hit a patch of water. I'm just glad you're ok, phew. Ok, got your hardship for the summer out of the way ;)

Take care of yourself and feel those feelings. As you know, that's the only way to heal. There is only one set of footprints in your sand right now. Just relax and let Him carry you.

joni said...

Thanks to you all for making me feel loved and special.

Ro, my sense of humor is intact, that along with my writing...I'm gonna heal.
I think what I'm feeling is normal.
Anxiety, fear? But I'm sure the Lord will get me through this, I'm positive! :)

Thank you all!

June said...

Just want to let you know again that I've been thinking about you and your son.

Take care,

joni said...

Thanks June, as hard as this was to go through, it was just as hard to write, but it made me feel so good.(the writing aspect)

I have to move on, dang, I have too much work to do. :)