Thursday, April 08, 2010

Giving Up!

Acts 19:40 For we are in danger to be called in question for this day's uproar, there being no cause whereby we may give an account of this concourse.
Have you ever thought about giving up? I mean, on so many occasions I thought about giving up this blogging thing for many different reasons. Giving up writing for so many other reasons. Is anyone reading what I write? Is anybody learning anything new? Is everyone leaving here, knowing something they never knew before?

I know the answer is yes, because I try not to post crud. I like people leaving here with a sense of gaining some insight, whether it is about writing or life in general, that they might have had questions about, and found the answer here!

By default, I’m a people pleaser. Yes, another fault of mine. Honest to a fault and a people pleaser. Why I do this, I have no idea. I think it is our innate nature to try and please all of the people, all of the time. We don’t allow ourselves to just say NO to someone, or something that we think might hurt their feelings, but some of us can hurt certain people some of the time. Did you ever wonder why?

We live in a world where hurt and pain are like third arms. We go through life trying to please everyone and someone comes and says, “You stink!” No one’s ever said that to me, I’m just saying...

Writing is like a water well of words flowing onto the screen. We need these words to get our message across, and our words need to heal or educate, not hurt. I’m living in the writing world of indecision. Do I give up, or try to please all of the people all of the time? Do I make the decision alone or ask others what they think?

I think I’ll keep on writing. Stories come to me in waves, thoughts come in crashing thunderous waves, while people come and go like the flower buds in Spring, here today, gone tomorrow. Some buds stay with you a lifetime (like your parents and family) some pass on to another realm, (like your grandparents and the ones before them) and some just fade away like yesterday’s dinner.

Are materials like that? You know, the ones you hold onto and treasure? Do they eventually all get ripped from your life and become just a memory? Not the bud materials like a sofa and furniture, I mean the lasting ones that stick with you a lifetime, do they eventually all just become a memory? Will writing become just a passing fancy and a treasured memory?

This post probably makes no sense at all. I think you’ll walk away more confused than when you arrived. But allow me to say this, NEVER give up! God did not create us so that we could give up. Imagine had Adam given up, or Noah, or Moses. The list is endless.

If we give up, we are giving in to those people we aim to please. We’ll go quietly to our corner, and sulk. Sorry, I can’t give up. It’s not in me. Well, it is, but writing is a passion, not a fancy way with words. Writing is a gift, not a material object that can be driven away by a tree falling on top. Writing is my life, enjoy the journey, or get off the ride.


Doreen McGettigan said...

From one people pleaser to another..I will never give up writing..sometimes what I write really stinks and people try to please me and say it is good..reminds me of the poor kids who try out for American Idle and are devastated when they do not make it..why did their parents tell them they could sing?
This blogging thing is very time consuming but I always come away inspired (especially by you) so inspiration is worth the time and I will never give up on my dream..

Ana said...

Yes, I have very often thought of giving up,particularly, writing because I feel that the journey is too long,hard and steep.
I don't like you to please people all the time.I try and do it.The problem is that sometimes people think that we are not being honest,that we are just trying to make them feel good.

If I write badly or incorrectly,I want you to tell me so.

Reading you? Many people do.Others don't but you can't satisfy everybody.As long as some people find insight and inspiration in your words,reading you was worthwhile and for me it has always been a treasure.


joni said...

Thank you Doreen!
I don't watch American Idol. My son catches a glimpse of it now and then. Television is just such a commercial fest, I won't give it my precious time. lol
I'm glad you sit a spell in here and find inspiration within my words.
And just think, my parents never said, "Wow, you can write!"
They learned, when I was Thirty at a karaoke event that, "Hey, you can sing?" Sheesh, parents. lol

I'm glad I inspire you so that you walk away feeling touched by my words.
I'm honest to a fault, so if I'm trying to please someone, I have the utmost sincerity in my heart. :)

Thanks ladies for your support!
Does my heart good!

June said...

I KNOW you'll keep on writing and blogging, Joni!

And don't listen to that "inner critic/editor" when it says "You can't do this...." Replace that thought with something so positive that your body vibrates with the potential. Like: "I am an awesome writer and I love the feeling of writing every day."

BTW - I love helping others and hate conflicts, so one one of those people pleasers also, but have learned that I need to please myself (to FILL myself) and then I do so much better for others. :)

Take care,