Thursday, September 23, 2010

F2K ~ FREE Writing Course

Writer’s Village University is offering once again the seven week, awe inspiring FREE writing course! Yes it is free! We have eight mentor’s on hand to assist you through the seven weeks. You can pay $25 for one-on-one mentor assistance if you want, but hundreds possibly thousands have sailed through this course without the one-on-one assistance.

There you will learn the basics of writing. Some people join to see if writing is for them. They’ve dabbled in writing all of their lives and just need something to jump start the writing bug once again. Some join to refresh their knowledge and to get their muses pumped in a way that no other course can offer.

We begin with orientation week where we all introduce ourselves and get acquainted with the boards. We click links, roam the halls, peek in on other rooms and get to know the folks you’ll be spending time with over the seven week period.

This isn’t the place to self-promote! We don’t allow the boards to become clogged with people posting their websites. We do have a profile page where we can list our website, our accomplishments and a word or two about you.

We start with character, move on to the senses, we’ll dapple in POV, then we plow ahead with plot/theme, then a finale short story!

We also have some new things for the writer this session. Every week, when you post your lesson before midnight Friday, your work will be read by a mentor and offered up for possible publication in the F2K Ezine! Mentors do not choose who or what work gets accepted, all rooms get an offering and the students will vote! So be sure to make friends and read others work!

Also we offer a Certificate of Completion! Upon completion and active participation, you will be able to download a Certificate for you to print out and frame and hang on your wall, this added bonus will encourage YOU, my writing friend, to keep on writing! You’ll see that yes, as a writer, YOU can accomplish great things.

Use the link if you’d like to join. Many who have visited my blog have joined and loved what they got out of the FREE course, so maybe this is the step you need too?

We begin October 6th. You’ll get an email with your password, so KEEP that in a safe place because you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER UNTIL OCT. 6TH!!!!

One lady who signed up was so mad she was ready to ‘join another course’ because it offered her more. The class doesn’t even begin until Oct. 6, so how would she know what this course offered? She was just upset because she couldn’t GET IN. There is nothing there. Nothing to miss. Nothing to make you mad!

Writer’s need patience! This woman obviously has a fuse as short as *KABOOM* upon the touching of a match to the fuse! ;)

Join us on OCTOBER 6TH, and judge for yourself what all the hoopla is about!

Hope to see you there!!!


Ro said...

I don't have the energy this session, but a friend of mine is joining. I'll have to ask what her screen name will be so you can say hey. She's the Chupa I mention on my blog; she's the one who inspired 'The Roof'. :)

joni said...

It's okay Ro. We have four sessions a year and maybe you can hop in on one to check it out again. :)

Can't wait to meet the Inspiration behind, The Roof! :)

June said...

One week to F2K!

Are you ready???


joni said...

I think so June. It's funny how I get nervous before the start but then relax after I get in there with my whip, and whip writer's into shape! :)