Thursday, September 09, 2010

911 ~ A Day in History

Matt. 5:44 states: But I say unto you, Love your enemies.
Today is September 9...we’re building up to the ninth anniversary of a devastating time in the history of our American lives. We can all remember the day of September 11, like it just happened yesterday, but I see so many have moved on into a breeding ground of immorality and took none of the message in the shrapnel to heart.
We’ve moved on, and took giant leaps back. We didn’t understand the message, we instead became angry and full of hate and in a sense allowed that hatred to fester and bloom into what we have today, a world full of hate.
I watch as Christians, or the “so-called” Christians, stand up in what is supposedly God’s name and place judgment on men and mankind. Who has the right to judge another mans faith and religion? I, personally, don’t feel I am in any position to sling mud at anyone, just because they don’t believe in the same things I do.
The news is loaded with images of a supposed Christian man, whom on 9-11, will burn the Koran, the Holy Book of Islam. It is supposed to show the killers, who brought down the towers, what we think of them. I in no way, agree with this type of action. To me, it is childish and immature and NOT from MY God or MY faith.
This minister holds in his hands the life of our military personnel, and perhaps places our country in danger of retaliation. Do I fear? No. My God will protect me. As I sit and move on from the attacks of 2001, men think they have been Knighted by God to be a judge and jury for mankind. This man is not a Christian if his God is telling him to breed such hatred.
I don’t expect atheist to believe in a God, they’ve never encountered the power so why should they? I don’t expect the Islamic community to accept my bible, they’ve never encountered the affection of my God, so why should they? What I do expect is for my religious so-called leaders of this country to stand UP for my God, and preach true Christianity. Love thy neighbor as thyself...turn the other cheek, and all the LOVE that Jesus taught us to carry.
If you believe in Jesus, or have even heard of Him, you know, he was NOT a man of hate, anger and bitterness. His mission was to bring LOVE into the light of the world, and it is a sad day, when men of Christ bring anger, hatred, and judgment down on men like a warm summer rain.
September 11, 2001 changed my life forever. The cruel men that committed this act, are either dead or are facing a harsh sentence, or are being sought after to face their final end. To hold onto anger, bitterness and the need to retaliate is not what my Christianity is all about. Mine is all about FAITH, LOVE, and HOPE.


June said...

Excellent thoughts, Joni. I don't understand people who's hearts and minds are filled with hate...

joni said...

I'm doing a three day arc. Today tomorrow and Saturday.

I might skip my quotation Saturday for the first time since its inception. But it is for a good cause.No one should ever or will ever forget 911.