Friday, September 03, 2010

I LOVE my job!

Matt. 25:15 And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.
“What? You got a job?”


“But that’s great, you got a job!”

The truth be told, my job is writing. Like it or not. My job is writing.

“Now that Adam is off at school you can go out and find something.”

“Find something? I’ve been working my tail off educating myself, volunteering, networking, getting my name out there, and you what? Want me to quit this job?”

“Does it pay?”

“It WILL!”

“But it’s not going to put food on your plate.”

“I’ll let the Lord worry about my food, shelter, life.”

How many times has a conversation like that been broached. So often I could hurl chunks! I mean, really!

Many many years ago (almost 25 to be exact) when I gave up drugs and alcohol (remember, I grew up in the city. There was no other life except the dark route) I took the initiative, embraced God and moved forward in my life. God had a job for me. Me? Little ol me? Yes!

He said, “Make a difference in people’s lives, change one person at a time. Take care of people, shower them with love, let them know that I AM.” Big job for a little lady. I was twenty-one at the time and people thought I was crazy. God didn’t talk to them, so what made me so special? I’ll tell you. I gave my LIFE for Him! Literally. The old me died and a new one was born.

I set out on a mission to help people in any way I could, often NEVER getting paid one red cent, and many times working in 104 degree heat for one dollar, because to a woman of 100, that was all she could pay. I did it all with grace and enjoyed my work for the Lord.

Then one day, after about 15 years had passed, when I didn’t think I was doing my job to the fullest, He said, “Use the talent I gave you. Change one person at a time.” Me? Here again, lil ol me is suppose to change people with my talent? Oh...I get it.

I dove into my talent. He provided the computer, free of charge, He provided my growth, my initiative and onto the world I went, with my writing talent, to change the world, one person at a time.

I’ve never felt like I was letting Him down. Onward and upward my mission for the Lord goes on, without skipping a beat. He provides the people needed, He helps me to shower them in a light they may have otherwise overlooked and He embraces me in full glory. Wow!

Now that Adam is in school, I feel pressured into getting a job. You know, to help pay the bills, to make ends meet, to let society know “I’m a worker!” Well guess what? I asked God again as satan is approaching me with flames of fire, “Should I get a job?”

His words, “You have a job. You work for ME!”

I don’t expect anyone to understand this concept. This is a hard part of FAITH that many cannot grasp. I put all of my faith in Him who provides every step of the journey, who puts food in my mouth and shelters me from raging storms. I have the faith that He will carry me and mine through the darkest of days. I will hold my head high and move on in a blaze of Glory.

I love my job.


Becky said...

Good for you for listening to that voice -- those promptings of what feels right and what your 'job' is to be. Sounds like you have done some incredible things and given so much. Keep up the beautiful writings. You are influencing many.

joni said...

Thank you Becky!

It is through a comment, a smile or a wave...I know my work is never done. :) And hey, the benefits are great too! ;)

Deborah said...

Joni, you'll never know this side of eternity how many people you are influencing...your writings are,without a doubt,HS inspired and a huge blessing to all who read them...don't ever stop or doubt what God has called you to my sister. :D

joni said...

I know that Deborah anywhere! :)
Thank you my sister! We are one in Christ and the world is right! :)

Thank you!


June said...

So right - if you have faith, you have all you need...


joni said...

Didn't you mean, "So Write..." :)


June said...

That, too! Write! :)