Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Exhausting Week

If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.
~Johann von Goethe
I will get back into my writing blog that you all signed up for but this has been an amazing and an exhaustive week, and my way of relaxing is through writing. My way of releasing tension is through expression of the written word.

The trip into Omaha was over a week ago on Sunday. Little did I know that three trips into Omaha in a week were in store. I know a lot of people like traveling and driving but I’ve never really cared for it that much.

It’s bad enough to face ignorance in town but when you’re driving on the highway, and you’re almost crushed between the car to your left, who isn’t going to budge out of your way because they might miss something life altering wherever it is they are going that two seconds might take that away from them, and the truck to my right barreling from the on ramp plowing almost right into my lap in the drivers seat!

I love Nebraska and am always saying how the people here actually USE their blinkers, because back in Texas as I drove the crazy highway into Dallas, rarely did anyone ever use their blinker. It was always a guessing game as to what the person in the car ahead of you was going to do next. Either cut you off, stay in their lane, or jump four lanes. Texas was a maze of highway!

Here in Nebraska, to get to Omaha, it is a two lane highway until you reach Lincoln where, get this, it has THREE lanes! The speed limit is 75 mph and as much of a speed demon as I can be, on a two lane highway, 75 feels like 120 in a wind tunnel.

Last year when I had an accident and it threw me into a ditch, I had quite the hard time jumping right back into a car the next day and in the succeeding weeks. Every dirt road looked like a monstrous furry caterpillar about to attack, but as the weeks and months passed the caterpillar shrunk and became a tiny snake slithering across the road.

In October of last year, six months after the accident, I barely hit sixty on the highway to Omaha, which made the trip a four hour journey one way, to only be seen by the doctor for five minutes and have to turn around and do the wind-whipped four hours all over again.

This time, since everything worked in God’s time, I was able to make the Omaha trip in 2 hrs. and forty minutes, if we went straight through without stopping to eat! I hit 75 on occasion (to pass) but I was mainly on cruise control at 72 mph and we made excellent timing!

So yeah, three trips into Omaha, an amazing miracle of sight, driving through the pounding rain, chilled to the core of my bones, and then I rise this morning where I can just rest via my writing.

Rest? Me? Darned tootin’!


M. SUE said...

Oh, Joni! I so well understand the driving difficulties and stresses. Just yesterday I reminded John that he has always done the driving. He said, "And God willing, I'll be doing it again soon, too!" I said, "You'd better not because it's not right. I need to be doing some to keep in practice." To be out on the 70 mph highway, driving 90 miles one way yesterday, part of it before daylight in that huge Ford E-250 handicap accessible van with the wind blowing was a bit of a challenge! Of course I've had 6 or 7 weeks of doing ALL the driving but all of this is to say, I UNDERSTAND!!! I, too, am so thankful we have a day at home today!
I am also very thankful Steve has the surgery behind him and the healing on its way! Now, it's time for the two of you and Adam to be able to get on to life as it should be.
Always with loving thoughts~
M. Sue

joni said...

Thank you so much Sue!

It's a new day every day in this house, and watching him see again is so much fun.

But remember, I still keep you and John in my prayers! :)

Thanks for the daily love!

Love ya,!!! (((big hugs)))