Monday, October 17, 2011

Power in Prayer

Ps.6:9 The LORD hath heard my supplication; the LORD will receive my prayer.
We were asked what the miracle of sight has done, or how it has changed our lives. I let Steven tell his story on Drums in the Deep, but me, I’m the other half that has to endure stuff too so I get to tell my side of the story.

The affect it has had on me it multi-faceted. I see the affect it is having on others as they now see life a little differently and are more appreciative of the little things. As we stood in Church on Sunday, people came up to us and told me their story, they just wanted to share and say they understand, or that they were moved by Stevens story.

It’s not every day that a person goes from being blind to seeing without assistance. The journey is long from over as we will face new challenges on many levels, but I have to admit, this is amazing to see him see colors and just say, “WOW!”

Everything wanted to go wrong when we were not working on Gods timetable but as soon as we fell in step with God, it was as if the planets were all in perfect alignment and things began to rotate on a cosmic level.

I can not emphasize enough that what goes on in our world is not about you, not about me, it is all about glorifying God. The world has come loose on rusty hinges as it tries to go through the day to day trivial pursuits. And we’re all on the canvas that God is painting, and the world comes alive through what He has to show us.

The blind seeing again is only one small part of the miracle that has taken place. I think, from my perspective, the prayer chain has had an impact that will touch me for years to come.

We put in a prayer request at church, a mass of emails is sent to people who have five, six, seven people in a group and the prayer begins, another church puts in prayer requests and many more begin praying. I put a prayer request on my blog and facebook, and yes those folks mounted a prayer succession too. I reached out to beliefnet and even more prayers are being threaded through the blanket that is forming.

From Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll to GodVine to Jesus Daily...the prayer began and an emotional flow began running through my veins. From Texas to Canada, from the East to the West, prayers by the hundreds were being lifted up for a man they never knew, but wanted to send the power to see again through the channels that they knew could make it happen.

Through prayer, the impossible became possible. I know to some “they’re just internet people” but when money comes from across the world and enters my hand, or a computer walks in my front door, or even someone's beloved books get sent to me, I realize, these are not just ‘internet' folk, they are real human beings with hearts and souls!

Denominations knew no bounds, prayer went up from Evangelical to Baptist, from Methodist to Catholic, we all found an amazing common ground, that God had intended all along from day one. Everything happens in God’s time, it might do you well to remember that as you go through your day wanting more out of life.

God Bless you all and THANK YOU! Your prayer was hear AND felt!

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