Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Prologue to the Journey ~ Part I

 Ps. 25:3 Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause.
It all began in the early months of 2008 when I received a call, “Can you drive me to work.” A straight-line wind storm had barreled through north Texas the night before, toppling trees, ripping off rooftop's and making the normal route to work impossible.

Steven had been driving the same route every day but when the route changed, due to the storm he realized, he couldn’t see well enough to get to work by reading the signs. That was the day my world shifted from every day mundane, to you never know what to expect.

Then on September 3 rd, 2008 my life took a big tumble when Steven lost his job, all insurance and any of the benefits that went along with the company. You never realize how important a job is until you walk in and one day, the boss tells you your fired.

Was it because of his sight? Was it because his production had changed due to his sight? I guess we’ll never know and I’m done questioning, “What happened?” All I do know is our world took a topple down the dryer chute, and we got tossed around at the welfare office, the food pantry, and many different and unaccustomed places of necessity.

We were not above asking for help, pride was not our friend and people were not selfish in helping. Actually the response was amazing and could only be attributed by the Supernatural God that we serve. Around every corner as bad news came in, we were one step closer to good news coming in. Days, led into weeks, weeks, months, and not a day went by that a struggle wasn’t like a peeling away of layers of skin, only to find that God was our natural ointment against dryness. 

As the issue of seeing again seemed forced upon our first attempts, as I expected, nothing went right. From the trip into Omaha on a gusty 45 mph windy day, to the doctor giving us a 50/50 prognosis of seeing again, all the way to the trip back to Minden where we met with disappointed faces, and it only served to bring us down more. We sought good news, good everything and the prayer was there but what was missing?

I’ll tell you bluntly. As everyone wanted sight to return, pushed for a positive outcome, prayed for a miracle, I saw around me people taking God out of the equation and putting their wants before His.

God isn’t about praying for what YOU want, He is about humbling yourself to the point of dropping on your knees and begging for mercy all the while praising and rejoicing in, what you might deem, minor steps towards His final goal.

It is never about you, or me it is all about God. Thinking otherwise makes you narrow-minded in your pursuit. When you truly give it all to God, and that means stripping yourself of your wants and needs and sincerely giving it all to God, then and only then will you witness the miracle of the Lord and His blessings!

The wait is over and the new day has literally dawned.

Pss 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.


benning said...

The toughest thing is to pull yourself out of that equation! Tough! But once you do GOD can begin to act in His own time, in His own ways.

Keep going, Joni! More! :D

joni said...

Thanks Ben. :)

benning said...

Thank YOU! You keep posting reminders we all need. :D

joni said...

It's my job. O:)