Friday, October 28, 2011

The Write Stuff

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin
Do you have the right stuff to write?

Well I put out three blog posts in one day yesterday, at over 500 words that's more than 1500 words. Wow! I sat amazed at all the writing I had in me.

I know I’ve been told that I talk a lot but I’ve been so tired and bogged down that writing never really grabbed hold of me like it did yesterday. I was in a writing frenzy like you wouldn’t believe. I could have posted this one too, but I did want to save something for today.

I think to write, you need the right stuff. A quiet environment, time, and support. If you have someone supporting you through your writing journey, it makes the trek that much more easier. This is why I surround myself with professional writers because they understand the journey better than anyone, and they’ll be the first to give you a leg to stand on.

Then their is the support of your friends. I have many ‘virtual’ friends who live in this windowed world and on many occasions they have lifted me to new heights. Since I’ve released myself of the ones who were wearing me down, trying to drag me through the mud to a hole where my headstone would be placed, I have moved on, happily.

I now sit here and look forward to spilling words onto the page that actually have some meaning to them, other than, ‘Have a great day’ and such as with the the social scene. No, the social scene is not for me. I’m a teacher at heart and I love to share knowledge in simple form. I don’t like all the scripted sounds of academia, I prefer straight up try-this-on-for-size skills.

I watch as people bumble around, looking like they have something important to say, or trying to look important or maybe even trying to make themselves feel important. All the while something is missing inside. Something burning them, making them feel that the only way to feel complete is live in a virtual world. That is sad. And those people have my prayers.

They should be writing something that makes them feel complete and whole. I try, when I sit down to write, to give you something that you will walk away with for the rest of your day. Whether you’ll be saying, “That spoke directly to me,” or perhaps, “I know a person like that,” or even you might think, “Wow she hit the nail on the head.”

Writing is my healer. Writing is my God given talent that I am putting to use. I’m not stuffing it on a social wall somewhere, I’m actually putting together sentences, that are coherent, legible and informational. I see that I have the Right Stuff. Now I need to see YOU have the Right Stuff. Have you written more than a paragraph today?

Write Right, and Write ON!

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