Thursday, March 08, 2012

Blogging III

It's better to write about things you feel than about things you know about.
~ L P. Hartley
The blogging world is made up of some do’s and don’t’s. There are things you can do to ensure you have a good blog and there are some things that will be a no-no to your readers and have them clicking for something else to read. I’ve probably done one or more of these on the list, so don’t fret if you do too. They’re just a quick guideline.

Here are some do’s:
1. First and foremost, be yourself. Allow your reader to be a voyeur into your world and get to know your personality through your voice.

2. FOCUS. Having something to focus on, like for me it is writing, poetry and quotes. Yours may be photography, every day mommy, or cooking. Just remain focused and your reader will keep coming back to taste what you’re offering.

3. LINKS. It is advisable to post links to either other blogs, other posts of yours or informative links within a post. Your reader will feel more connected to you and find your blog of interest. I hear it helps with the search engines too.

4. Images. Sometimes a reader needs to be visually in touch with you. Photos can be one way you connect your blog post, through an image, to reach your reader. This is brain stimulation for the reader.

5. Be responsive. I get few comments, but when I do, I respond to each person. Many have become close friends over the years and not commenting may have driven them away. Comment to your reader!

6. Promote! It is advisable to promote yourself in any way you can, via facebook, twitter, or other avenues. Promoting your blog is your ticket to readership! They won’t read if they don’t visibly know you exist.

Now onto some don’t do ideas:

1. Don’t overdo it! When you’re new to blogging, you have a tendency to want to blog every day, every hour if possible. Set a reachable goal and pace yourself.

2. Don’t bore your reader! If you have a photo blog, don’t ramble on about last nights dinner. This will not always go over well with your readers. Allow your blog to evolve over time and when you know your trusty followers well enough, then give them something new to nibble on.

3. Don’t make grammar mistakes! This is one I believe I’ve made a few times on my blog, but I usually catch it before it goes to the reading public. I’m not perfect, but my readers of a writing blog, expect more from me! Be more for your reader. Go above and beyond in bringing them all that they expect in your blog.

4. Don’t make your post one long paragraph! Break it up with some ‘white space’ for the reader. Make it aesthetically appealing. Just as you need a break, so does your reader when he/she is reading. Long paragraphs equal boring posts on the blogger scale.

5. Don't limit WC. WC stands for word count in the writing world. Writing longer posts, with breaks in the paragraphs, makes your reader feel they’ve gotten hold of some juicy stuff, and comfortably too, I might add.  I’ve tried limiting my posts to 500 words, but more times than not, I go well over that and I think my blog posts are all the better for it. Remember, more words means meatier juicier blog posts. (keep in mind #2 on the don’t list)

6. Do NOT be negative! Unless you have a blog about Gripes of a Mom, being negative gives off many negative vibes as I’ve learned the hard way on this one. Be positive and inspirational. This is what readers want and being a bummer in the readers world will surely get you less reads and have them surfing for a more inspirational blog.

So there you have it. A nice little list to help guide you in the blogging community. Write on folks, but most of all, Write RIGHT!


Tiggs said...

Thanks Joni. I have a blog but haven't done anything with it for several years. It started as a way to show my scrapbooking. I am thinking of getting it going again as I get my room set up and merging it with writing too.

I have learned a lot in 2 WVU classes I am in Demystifying and journaling; combining my writing and photo scrapbooking I think will be my primary writing nitch--with some fiction too. Playing with poetry--we'll see.

joni said...

It's a tough job, this blogging business, but somebody has to do it, and why not WRITERS!?! :D

Glad to see your journey of writing continuing!

Keep it up!!