Friday, March 02, 2012

Let Your Light Shine!

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. 
~e.e. cummings
When your going down a long stretch of road say, in Corn Country, isn’t all you wish to do is to have a little change? A bend in the road perhaps, more barns even. A house would be a nice change of scenery even in the miles of field. Presently Corn Country is under the siege of the Crane migration. A wonderful light in the rising of each day to hear those warbling sounds out in the fields, dances in the sky, and a joyous stay in the fields as a layover before they once again move on.

Writers need to embrace change too. Most of all they need to let their light shine the brightest among fellow writers and not stand in the stagnant waters of  negativity. I know of some writers who will never make it any further as they have literally crippled themselves in their writing journey because they won’t move on, won’t embrace change, in essence paralyzed their writing career. They gather with them other writers who enjoy the dark negative life. A writer in the dark will go nowhere but deeper into the dark.

It is pretty sad when you see once bright and shining stars diminish and basically die out because they didn’t take the route of letting their light shine. Writers need to always work toward improving themselves in their writing and in the community of writers.  They needn’t hang on to being a downer and dragging people down with them. If they wish to be a dominant force of downing, then leave the writing community behind and allow us to let OUR light shine.

Me, I’m soaring at the moment. My light is a beacon for all to see. My writing is at a high point, and I CHOOSE to bring to you, the writing community, positive words! Remember yesterdays post? What's in a Word? Well there is a positive and negative in words, and I choose to be positive in a negative world. It started out as a dim flashlight walking through the halls, echoing voices of negative testimonies against me, then as I neared the light at the end of the tunnel, MY light began shining brighter and brighter.

I became a beacon of hope through my words and actions! Writers write because THEY to want to be that beacon of light for their readers, and no matter which genre of writing you go into, you must remain that beacon of light and positive attitude or surely you and your words will lie in the abyss. You may have friends there surrounding and comforting you, because you and you alone dragged them down with you. See what negativity can do? Shame on you. And you call yourself a writer?

Become a bigger and better person today. Become a WRITER today and expose to the world all the Light that you have within your power to become and share the positive words that will carry you to the next level in your life. A higher level; one of respect and admiration because you, Let the LIGHT Shine!


benning said...

I'll try to shine my Light brighter, but sometimes my batteries get weak. :(

joni said...

Maybe you're running on solar panels, whereas you might need more SON!