Friday, March 23, 2012

End of the World?

Here lately I’ve been hearing nothing but talk about the end of the world. Big booms in Wisconsin waking people in the middle of the night, the government scrambling to make sense of it all. Nation rising against nation. War, pestilence, famine, a society of moral-less inhabitants and we wonder, where does that leave us? You and I?

I think as writers, it is our duty to bring to the world truth. I always felt there was a place for writers in any given age; take for example the writings in the Bible or even before the bible was written, there were writers. I feel as this age passes, we writers will also have a place in this society and we can either bring people fantasy, fact or fiction.

As humans it is our nature to turn a blind eye. We see people getting beat up and all we can do is watch. We see a house burning down and we just stand there with our mouths wide open for precious moments saying, “Wow, looks kinda bad.” and that is BEFORE thinking to dial 911 for help!

We’ve become a society of voyeurs and a lust filled nation thriving on sitcoms with nudity and profanity garnering the laughs a minute, and a majority of people are eating this stuff up and turning their heads to this lewd behavior. Are we that gullible or are we that weak as to allow this to take place and still walk with your head up? Do you hold NO shame in your actions at all?

We as writers are the ones who are bringing this stuff alive. Do you not realize that? T.V shows become such because a writer, wrote a script and brought it to someone of the same low moral caliber and weak mind and everyone sat around laughing at the big boobs, killing sprees, murder, and victimization. Writers have desensitized society to the point a young boy can get shot and killed and the police, so called authority, can do nothing, because of a statute?

It is sad when a sitcom can be called GCB -- why not use what it is really-- a show based on a book titled Good Christian Bitches??? Are the words offensive to you but not the letters? What? That is no different than text talk.  You’ll sit and write OMG or LMFAO, but would you speak this way to a persons face?

And we as the good righteous men and women of society sit back and say, “There is nothing *I* can do.” YOU’RE WRONG!!! You have a voice, you CAN stand up! YOU are a writer, you can move mountains with your words but you choose to live in your cave, and tickle the fantasy paint brush and thrive off of the pink slime? Maybe it IS the end of the world, and maybe my VOICE or WORDS will be the last thing on your conscious mind before you bed tonight.

Alone one voice is nothing...
Together we can become a choir!
One voice to tell the world
Two voices bind them
I have HOPE to see in the dark,
And all at once, I’ll find them!
~ Joni Zipp ~


M. SUE said...

We know that Jesus stated that only the Father knew when the end of the world would be. He also said for us to be ready. Because we care, we want the world to be ready, but there does seem to be an overwhelming attitude of moral ruination. From time to time when seeing a post by a friend or two, I have wondered, "Does she know what words those letters stand for?" I had to seriously think to figure some out and wished afterwards I hadn't!
In reading this post I realize, maybe I do need to write less "fluff" and more along such lines as
Thank you for the encouraging reminders that I am not alone in how I think, Joni. In reality I know it, but it is uplifting to hear it from the mouths of others and/or see the written word.
Sending smiles~
Auntie Sue

joni said...

Thank you! In my generation it gets lonely with these thoughts, thats why we found a really good church that believes the same way.

My sons generation is even tougher but he's learning from me, and we can only hope that he too will bring inspiration to his generation.

Love ya Auntie Sue! :)


M. SUE said...

I just found this quote or I'd have shared it the day you posted this blog:
"If you don't like the way the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it. You just do it one step at a time."
Marian Wright Edelman

Auntie Sue

joni said...

Love it! And that is just what I plan on doing! One word at a time!