Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Right to Write

“A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.” 
~ Patricia Neal
I, like anyone else has every right to write. Although at times I don’t feel like writing, like this week with the two ten hour trips to Omaha. Yeah, there is an eye infection in the cornea transplant that needs close attention and as my days are consumed with spring, cleaning and driving, there is very little time to write.

As writer’s we must always find the time to sit down and spill out onto the page words that either make sense or words that make no sense at all, as long as you keep the pace with tapping the keys. I’ve been awake since 3:30 this morning and have struggled with staying awake, wanting to sleep,  but writing anything was just a big turn-off.

I sit here now typing, but my eyes are heavy as if I have window shades on them and a little gremlin hanging on the cord and keeps toying with the idea of UP and down. I say that because they’re not really blinks my eyes are doing, they are heavy laden shade pulls.

In the past few weeks, there have been a few who think that I have no right to write, and in their crippled world try to bring me to their level. They wake each and every day and anxiously run to the writing site just to click the SMITE button, as if to make me feel less? I don’t know what their point of spreading negativity is, I could really care less, because for every one I get knocked down, five more come in and raise me to heights they only dream of obtaining. I’m sorry that they have no life, but *I* do!! I’m sorry their life has been relinquished to the lower echelons of existence.

It is pretty sad when a person is so weak and lifeless, that they have nothing in life and are left to to feeling whole by bringing someone down? I pray for them as they walk (or don’t walk) in the shadows of darkness while I’m here surrounded by the joyous light of every day! Each and every second of my life is built on how to make it count in a positive fashion.

If you’re a writer, you normally stand by and support your fellow writer. That’s at least what I’ve learned over the years, but here lately, there are wanna-be writers that don’t really comprehend the etiquette and respect of a writer and truly don’t even belong IN the writing world. It’s writers like that, that have no right to write because I’m certain all that they spew will be of a negative nature and all that they try to lift up for themselves will be slaughtered and taken down.

Allow me to say, in my darkest of days, I walk in the LIGHT. When I am trampled down, I bounce right back up like one of those little punching bags that you try to knock to the floor but it keeps standing erect no matter how many or how hard the blows are.

I have a right to write as much as you. So allow me some peace in the JOY of my life. We’re writers, and as such we ALL have a right to write. Sometimes it’s a God-given talent, other times it’s a try-to-hard-to-people-please.

Write right and carry with you the power of positive thinking! Then and only then will something positive waltz into your life.

"Your attitude can take you forward or your attitude can take you down. The choice is always yours!" 
~ Catherine Pulsifer


M. SUE said...

I am happy to see a post after days of looking and finding nothing new; however, I urge you to get the rest you need in order that you be refreshed for the necessary upcoming trips. Your own body needs it for you and you want to be there for Steve, I know.
When our youngest daughter was 12 or 13, I finally gained wisdom enough to share. I explained to her that if she could see into the lives of those kids who were seeking to create anguish in her life, she'd likely find they were in far more misery than they were seeking to deliver. She is now a minister's wife and the two of them thank me many times over for those considerations on which to dwell.
Judging from your messages, you have likely already figured that out, but perhaps in my words you'll see an additional reason for "why".
Jesus taught it's not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles him, but what comes out! (Mt. 15:11) "Oh me, oh my," as my daddy often said...
Love you, praying for you,

joni said...

Aww thanks Sue!

And the very reason I pray for them. Their lives are more than likely worse off than mine. Even if not, they need prayer. I'm willing to give them that!
As I reclaim my Right to Write! :)

*love and hugs*

Tiggs said...


I THANK you for your writing and perseverance to not let others make you stop. You have a gift to enjoy and share. You have been an inspiration and encouragement to help me find the joy of writing. I may not have the true gift of many like you in writing, but I do enjoy it now--I once hated it--and that is do to you and a few others that have encouraged me.

Keep writing and praying as I also will.

Again, Thank You!

joni said...

Thanks Tigs!

You have a Right to Write just as much as anyone else does, and those who try to hamper that beauty in all of us, are only people who WISH they had the gift! :D

Prayers to you as well, my friend.