Monday, March 05, 2012


Observe, don't imitate.
~John M. Ford

Blogging is a tool in the writers arsenal. We as bloggers, either have something positive to say or something negative to say but always, a writer has SOMEthing to say; and a blog is a nice way to say it.

I remember a couple of years ago when my beau was losing his sight, I made the suggestion that he might try blogging, to tell his story of going blind. He put together Drums in the Deep, and was well on his way in the blogging community, sharing his journey.

Well like most people, he got bored quickly as his sight diminished with every day, and he was becoming discouraged. Then he started a new blog about audiobook reviews and he has found a nice niche which he can enjoy writing and enjoy reviewing, since audiobooks became the norm in his sightless world.

Many of you know that last year the miracle of sight was given to him, and then he finally got the chance to SEE his blogs. It didn’t take him long before he revamped both blogs and made them more appealing to the reader, who may have no clue that he went blind and got his sight back three years later. Blogging became a part of his life.

He has such a nice voice I had suggested and tossed around the idea of him becoming a narrator for audiobooks but that seed fell by the wayside as we both have been dealing with our health issues first and foremost. But now that he can see, (still not 100% yet) he has begun to think ahead for the future, HIS future. He is now thinking also about how cool narrating would be and once he starts watering that seed, you just never know what will flourish!

Just as the writing sites used to be a part of my life, blogging has been a way to communicate with my reader and teach them a few basic points in writing. I’m not a college scholar but my tips are tried and true to the best of my knowledge and is what gives my life purpose. To teach a newcomer some basics to get them started on their own journey of writing is my gift to you.

Throughout my life, I’ve realized a few things, (haven’t we all?) I realized I have a purpose. No my purpose isn’t to become a millionaire, be president, or to become the the first woman to venture onto Mars surface. Nope, my purpose is to plant seeds in everyone’s life and give them that little grain of seeing hope in their lifeless world. One day the seed takes root, once they’ve watered it, and has the possibility of growing into great things.

So while I may not seem to have accomplished much in my life, know that I am a Master Gardener, serving a purpose for the Almighty. What the individual does with that seed is totally up to them. I’ve given it to them, they can either plant it or toss it, the CHOICE is up to them.

Blogging is a seed that I give to you, my readers. Use it to the best of your ability and make something flourish from it!

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