Monday, March 26, 2012

Own Your Dream

"A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realization of his purpose." ~ Sharon Hull

A seed of possibility. That means it is a dream that possibly could come true. The seed is planted and just like Springs planting season, you place the seed in fertile soil, water it, and watch it grow.

This is no different for a writer with a dream. You need to be around fertile people who move you forward in your writing dream, you need to water it often, meaning add positive thoughts and pursuits, and you’ll be well on your way to pursuing your dream.

When your planted dream is on infertile soil, meaning vicious, malicious, spiteful, jealous, hurtful people who smite your dream on a daily basis, you know then it is time to uproot that plant and put it in the ground of moist soil where you can flourish. By keeping it in the infertile soil, you are only allowing people to poison your seed. And as they they daily add poison, the seed will eventually die.

There are many definitions to karma and many religions embrace it. A very basic definition of karma is: the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.

Have you ever done something wrong to someone, only to soon be hit with something bad happening to you? A lot of people think nothing of it, just bad timing or what not, but you are naive in thinking when you hate, hateful things won’t happen to you.

I’m a positive person who is always spreading love and a positive atmosphere wherever I go, but as my once blossoming seed is planted in a malevolent place, my seed is dwindling as the poison is sucking the life out of my dream. All from people who call themselves writers? Writers helping writers is no longer the motto, but writers smiting writers is the underlying thread that will bury the site destroying more than just my dream, the dream of many writers. (One site has already been put on hiatus because of them.)

What those envious dream squashers don’t realize is that a dream is in the soul of a person. Not a smite button! The poor things hate and think so little of themselves, that trying to be vicious to another writer is going to make them feel better? “What goes around, comes around.” They are only squashing their own dreams and any chance of becoming a REAL writer. Poor things. I pray for them daily as they stomp and try and do not succeed in destroying MY dream.

No siree! I will keep moving on and keep the dream moving along, like the flow of a river. I will plant my seed in parts of the world where my positive nature is appreciated and welcome!

To own your dream, only YOU can keep it alive! It is not a wound for others to put salt into, it is a tattoo across many peoples heart that they want removed out of envy, but just can’t seem to rub it off with soap and water. Nope, your dream is yours and yours alone. Where you plant the seed, makes all the difference in where it grows and flourishes.

Own your dream! Tattoo it across your very own soul and keep it alive by adding love to it daily. Love life, it will LOVE you back!

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