Thursday, March 06, 2014

Lent Day 2 ~ Spiritual Hunger

Luke 6: 21 Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.

As you know, or have an idea, that this is the Lent season, I deem it my spiritual renewal and I tend to get deep into thought. I hope you can all bear with me and my hope is that you, through reading my journey of renewal, will take a peek in the mirror and instead of condemning yourself, try and look into your mind, your heart, your soul. What you see is the true essence of you.

If you look into your eyes and see yourself as fat and ugly, no good, unworthy, unaccomplished or unappealing then you are full of doubts and fears not truth. You may even put on a false face as you embrace the world but know this, I SEE the real you. Even in your doctored persona I can see right through the veil and see all the negative energy seep through.

Don’t ask me how I see, all I know is that everyone emits an energy; a deeply rooted energy. Like the sun rising and moving across the sky, you might never actually SEE the sun move, but you KNOW it moved from one second to the next because it shows in the warmth of the rising to the setting. Humans emit much of the same energy. And if you are full of a negative energy it shows. You can’t mask energy no matter what you do.

Have you ever awakened in the morning and your stomach started churning inside, grumbling like a madhouse in there? You realize you’re hungry, so you eat; rumbling and churning gone, you then feel satisfied that you’ve eaten. You go about your day when around noon time, there it is again, the rumbling begging for more food.

Your body needs sustenance to keep you going. It feeds the energy inside you. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? God is a lot like that, He wakes you in the morning, calls to you and you eat food instead of asking Him what He wants. You need to be filled but your not getting the fullness through food and can’t put your finger on those images you saw in the mirror. The ones you saw yourself in the morning? You know, the ones where you looked and saw fat, ugly, unworthy?

You might only know me through WORDS but do you see me as fat, ugly, unworthy? I hope not. I hope you see me as a jovial spirit, filled with love, happy-go-lucky kinda gal.
You probably wish you could smack the happy right off my face, don’t you? Well you can’t, why? Because it is the energy I emit and energy cannot be contained.

You might also assume that I have never experienced lethargy, depression, anxiety, sickness, anger or hunger? Well you have assumed wrong. I have suffered through the pains, been dragged about on limp legs, have cried in pain until I felt all the life in me leap out and go off into the unknown.

But wait, you don’t see that, do you? Well quite honestly it was through the saving Grace of God that I came through EVERY hardship, illness, every bout of depression and all self-doubt. How? I looked in the mirror one day, I looked in my eyes and didn’t see doubt and fear surface; I saw God looking back at me. Would that scare you straight? Seeing God looking right at you, THROUGH you?

I saw Him looking at me as HE sees me and not as I had seen myself. He saw His creation, perfect in His eyes for He makes no mistakes. If I saw ugly, He saw beauty. If I saw doubt, He saw faith. If I saw darkness, He saw Light! His Light and Son shining through me. The closer I looked the more and more I saw the same thing He saw! Great, now the tricky part is to carry that satiated energy throughout the day.

Depression looked bearable. Anxiety looked tolerable, illness looked manageable. The mirror looked less foggy when I saw through His eyes. HE was now the image I saw in the mirror every single day as I woke up. HE was the image I rested on through the night. HE was the strength in the mirror I would carry with me day after day, second by second. HE became the very heartbeat of my soul.

That hunger I felt was not for food after all, it was a Spiritual Hunger that my soul yearned for, craved for, would DIE for. A hunger that only God himself could fill. I am now a spirit-filled image that you see or read and only through the spirit that God gives each and every one of us will we begin to see the Light, the Truth, our Comforter and Holy Spirit in the mirror that we look in every day.

Next time you look in the mirror ask yourself a question, “What am I going to feed myself with today?” I can guarantee you’re spiritually starved and once you start feeding your soul, YOU too will see God in the mirror!

1 Cor. 16: 18 For they have refreshed my spirit and yours: therefore acknowledge ye them that are such

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