Monday, March 03, 2014

Stressed Part II

James 3:10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. (NIV)

Stressed Part II

I wrote a post about me being stressed about my sons graduation, I also think I mentioned it was more than that and all I knew to do was to take it to God and await an answer. Well last Sunday after our service at church, we were listening to a sermon on the radio (Yes, we listen to a radio sermon on the way home from church) and there seemed to be a message hidden in the sermon for me.

The minister said something like, “It’s all well and good that you sit on facebook, hours on end, posting scripture and inspiration but what do you ACTIVELY do to walk in Christ throughout your day?”

That lay on my heart pretty heavy and as such, I brought it back to God and asked for some sort of clarification/guidance to all this confusion going on inside my head. Whatwith the graduation approaching quickly, face book time, Adam going off into the world, too soon for me to grasp, but soon.

This week I got a lot of clarification. First, I went into facebook and announced that there would be a ‘change in the way I post, I hope you like the change’. I informed no one of just what that change would be but I got an immediate response from a dear, well respected friend, “Whoa!” he said, “I noticed it right away!”

Then the conversation went on about how they like reading what people are REALLY thinking, not through inundating the wall with pictures, but words, they like to read words. Wow! Change one, met and approved.

Now onto change two. Words! For years my blog was about writing then the change came when God spoke to me and He told me about WORDS; people want to read words. They don’t want information shoved down their throats, they want real thought provoking words; thus the change to poetry, my words, my thoughts.

After a peaceful nights rest, I wake in the morning, I read the Word from the bible first and then I pray; thus starts EVERY promising day. So change two would be The Word, I would share my verse(s) that spoke to me that morning and THAT is what I’d post, first thing. Not a random pic with scripture, words that touched ME and would maybe touch someone, anyone reading.

People like reading words! Now onto hurdle three, emoticon madness. A few years back I actually quit a writing course and gave up most writing because the emoticon madness was rampant. Now don’t get me wrong, I love smiley, I probably would want to marry him, if he was HUMAN. That’s just it, he is NOT human, so in the rampant unending posts of emoticons, you as a human come off as INHUMAN. You know what I mean?

People want WORDS! A happy smiley here, a grumpy smiley there, a heart here, an angel there, smiley’s can have the effect of how you’re feeling. But you know what, they are inhuman feelings. You cannot express true feelings with a smiley.

A smiley with WORDS has an affect. Overuse of a smiley can have an affect too, a negative one, as in my case. When someone asks for prayer, I offer WORDS of prayer, not an emoticon, when someone needs a lift, I offer WORDS to lift them up, not an emoticon. Granted I abused the picture situation; I had no idea people would actually want to READ MY WORDS!

So the change comes, and with that oftentimes a stir of controversy. Like a post the other day where I had a dilemma. It came to my attention that someone in school, in an administrative position was sleeping with a student. I didn’t have all the facts but it was enough to cause me concern. What do I do? I had prayed and like so many, I didn’t wait for an answer or resolution, and I just wanted someone’s opinion on the matter.

Boy oh boy did I get it. Keep in mind I was sexually molested as a child so I was very bias. No one heard me, no one did anything, so what was I to do for this kid. Granted he is 19, graduated early in November (which I stated) and she is a thirty-something administrative assistant; works in the office typing and such.

I said I’d pray and wait for an answer but the comments already had her burned at the stake. That was my first response too, but like always, I pray first, act later.

“Turn her in!”
“Go to the authorities!”
“She’s a child molester! Working with kids! How many other children has she molested?”
“Probably a government paid education!”
Things of that nature.

Wow! My dilemma had become a full-blown witch-hunt! When the word government reached the post, I deleted it. I in no way have anything to do with people’s political agenda. When I say I love my brother, I mean ALL of my brothers of humanity! ALL!

Pray and pray, that’s what I did. Later that day it came to my attention more FACTS about the whole thing. 1) The authorities know (as well as the small community) 2) The boy is 19 OUT OF SCHOOL (meaning, he is his own person) 3) Their liaison took place AFTER school (not on school property) so there is NOTHING the authorities in charge can do!

Shameful: an older woman, having sex with an adult child, yes. Illegal – no. Criminal – no. Immature were the acts of the boy showing pictures of his conquest to friends. Mistake – yes. Judgment? There is only one judge and jury now and it is in HIS hands.
Lesson: Really choose your WORDS wisely before posting ANYTHING!

The change has come and continues to grow. I will move and ACT only by His hand.


Debbie Seko said...

I am thoroughly enjoying and learning from your post. You bring up lots of points that I am either thinking about, just dealt with or have concerns about. Relationships are about growing and becoming closer as we get to know each other...the same is true of our relationship with God. Thanks!

joni said...

I'm glad you're enjoying them. I have so much of my heart and soul in them I thought I might be losing some people along the way.
But no, know this God keeps His promises and I am seeing the fruits of my labor.

All glory to God.

Thanks Deb!