Friday, March 07, 2014

Lent ~ Day three ~ A Spiritual Season

Ex. 13: 10 Thou shalt therefore keep this ordinance in his season from year to year.

Did you ever notice how people prepare for Christmas? Year after year they get their houses ready, fill it with lights, trim the tree, rejoice on Christmas morn that the Savior was born? Oh, let’s not forget the gifts; the payoff of the holiday season, right?

Did you ever notice that the only planning to get ready for Easter Sunday is the dying of eggs, the purchase of a new Sunday dress and shoes, the preparing of a meal, or the getting ready to visit church and family? Or maybe even a basket full of candy will dress your table.

Why is this? Has society so saturated us with materials that we fail to see the spiritual value of these two most religious Holy Days? Let’s not forget the political correctness of these days either. We don’t see commercials fill our airwaves with Hanukkah presents or celebrations; we don’t see Kwanzaa as a celebrated Holy Day, so why are we fed all the commercialism of Christmas and Easter? Why is man SO offended by Christ?

Please, don’t blame Obama on this one. Since man dictated to us that on December 25th we’d celebrate it as Jesus’ BIRTH has man fought against the entire Christ movement. On Christmas day we’d light trees, give gifts, spend time with family, drink and be merry; thus MERRY Christmas?

We have been nourished by commercialism, materialism and have been driven away from the entire Spiritual movement that these two extraordinary events were meant to be. Whenever someone approaches us and says they are spirit-filled, we move away from them as if they just stepped in manure, distancing ourselves from the odor. Why do you think that is? Nobody wants the aroma clinging to him or her all day, so they move away from it in hopes that it isn’t a contagious disease.

Imagine that, thinking the spirit, the Holy Spirit no less, is a contagious smelly disease. That is what man and man alone, not just ONE man, has done. Through all this wrongful thinking, man is destroying the spirit.

Have you heard the old saying, ‘You are what you think’? I’ve heard it put in many different colorful connotations but all in all, they mean the same thing. Action causes a Reaction. Man has MOVED (action) to eliminate any spiritual drive from us causing a REACTION, a spirit-less society.

I have many Native American friends who understand the spirit and the Forefathers before them strive to keep the Spirit alive. But many will tell you, that as we move into a new frontier, many natives are losing sight of the Spirit.

The spirit is not some imaginary thing, it is real and it is a force of all things in nature. The Holy Spirit is what is within you driving the vehicle you call a body. Think of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as the fuel in your system, in Earth’s system, in every living and breathing creatures system! When we take the Spirit out of this world, we are then taking LIFE out of this world.

Even if you don’t believe in God, say you’re an atheist, the spirit, or driving force, is STILL in there, you’re just lower on fuel than many.

The Spiritual Season is upon us and as many nourish their souls with commercialism and materialism, know that the spirit is still moving in you and would love to connect and bring back to the world the fullness of His intention from the beginning.

It is by universal thought that we created this dissolution. Before you blame ONE man for this earthly demise, look to the man that YOU are and what part YOU feed and in turn feed to your environment. Because in truth, WE become what WE think.

 Lev. 23:4 These are the feasts of the LORD, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons.


benning said...

As has been said before, it doesn't matter if YOU don't believe in God ... He believes in YOU! Nourish the Spirit or it will wither and die.

joni said...

Isn't that what I basically said?

"When we take the Spirit out of this world, we are then taking LIFE out of this world."

Meaning, if it is not nourished, you lose life.

Same thing but in MY words. :)

I hope you're enjoying my Lenten series. A lot of nourishment in my words. ;)