Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lent: Day Twenty-one ~ A God Term?

Isa. 30: 28 And his breath, as an overflowing stream, shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err.

 A God Term?

Do you ever just wake up, totally exhausted, knowing full well you had a good eight hours of sleep? I understand it when people who don’t sleep and sit awake all night living off a few power naps get exhausted, but me, sometimes after a good nights rest I wake up exhausted. I even think too much in my dreams!

As Lent is moving into day 21 I realized that fasting is much easier than what I’m doing this season and my brain is literally getting exhausted. We had a death in the family last week and that was/is emotionally draining and then there is this head cold. I haven’t had a cold in well over a year and a half and last week, WHAM, I woke up clogged, sneezy, sniffly and all the trimmings.

I wanted to put my spiritual season on hold but that just isn’t a possibility. I hear people say rest, take care of yourself, eat right, make soup, blah blah blah blah blah. With ears clogged, head all congested, I realized, guess what Joni, life is still going on whether someone dies, whether someone is sick, or whether people are hurting. Life goes on! So does our spirituality. It never rests but is always being fed.

Politically I’d say we go on with our lives because our government allows us to, Scientifically I’d say life is going on because you’re breathing and reading this, but the spiritual me wants to say it’s because God is in you. I honestly don’t think we can stop thinking about God for one moment in any aspect of our life. We wake, we breathe in deeply, and we look at the sky and say out loud to no one, “Boy, it’s a ____ day.” Fill in the blank yourself. Is it a beautiful day, a glorious day, an ugly day, a stinky day?

Just whom are you talking to? Yourself? You really tell yourself that you’re talking to yourself? Well you do know that sounds crazier than saying you’re talking to God right? Yeah I thought so.

We live in a world where everything has to be politically correct. Talking to God is NOT politically correct, so go ahead, hide your embarrassment that you said you talk to God, because talking to yourself is just the politically correct thing to say right?

It is as if the world revolves around politics and NOT the sun or the Son! I wake up and after I praise God for another day, I sit at my computer to write. Research is a part of writing and it all comes back to politics and what is ‘politically correct’. How come you never hear the term Biblically correct? Would that offend all those politically correct people? When did we become a nation bent on using the perfect words so we didn’t offend anyone?

Some will say it is Obama’s fault; they have to blame someone and it feels good beating up a president, ANY president, ANY body in charge, sadly it’s what the world does. But I seriously think it is technology’s fault. When the world is more immersed in ‘Don’t text and drive’ than the natural warming trend and droughts that are wiping out crops, something is seriously wrong with the human race. I can’t just say Americans because this is happening worldwide and as we come near the end, it looks like people could care less if it ends. We are a God depleted world. People are content on placing BLAME on someone else, RANT on and on, but do absolutely NOTHING to try and make a change!

I see them posts hundreds of pictures on how devastating it is that the world is: burning, dying and charring; how corrupt the governments are; how animals are being tortured, being put to sleep, gone missing; how children have disappeared are being abused, etc. etc. but I also see them sitting behind the computer screen comfortably tapping on their keys while complaining about this and that.

When was the last time they visited an animal shelter with the hundreds of dogs sitting imprisoned there? Shelters need help daily with walking dogs and help feeding them. Homeless shelters need people to FEED the hungry yet you are content just sitting on your computer spewing how awful this and that is, and doing NOTHING about it?

I see a nation bloated with technology, well fed in politics, rich in materials, affluent with the politically correct terms but I also see a world that is ashamed to say they woke up this morning and talked to God.

In a biblically correct term, I’m going to say, “God loves you!” Yup, no matter how much you ignore Him, how much you put him on the table. How much you post ABOUT Him but do nothing FOR Him, He still loves you. Don’t worry, He’ll be there when you call. He’s not about which ‘term’ is correct.

1 John 4: 18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.


benning said...

God is with us and loves us, and that is unimaginable! We can look around at all the Evil that stalks this Earth, but we think we can change it to good. For WE are the Lords of the Universe!

And God watches and must be chuckling, even if just a little. Because We Lords of the Universe have attempted to perfect the World many, many times. And WE have ever failed, and slaughtered millions of people in the process. And each failure brings the resounding cry, "We'll do better next time!" Because we simply had the wrong people in charge, you see! No, no, we've learned, and now we can do so much better this time!

And God watches, and His time approaches, and I do think He must chuckle at the never-ending Folly of Man thinking he can bring perfection out of his own sinful nature.

"Biblically Correct", eh? ;) I open my day with prayer. And the day begins with bubbly, roiling clouds. It is a beautiful day! And God is with us!

*Hugs!* :D

joni said...

I am not naive or stupid enough to think for one moment we can change the world to good, I can only change myself and the good God has planned for ME and IN me.

The rest of you have to worry about yourselves and what part you're playing in the evil scheme of things.

I strive DAILY to be a bit better person than I was the day before, I'm not stupid enough to think God doesn't like change. lol He loves a person who changes daily as much as He loves the person who doesn't.

I LIVE Christ, I just don't talk (or write) about Him. :D "God is berry berry good to me."