Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lent: Day Seven ~ Offended by Christ?

Matt. 18: 6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Offended by Christ?

I have encountered many in my life who were offended by Christ. They say they believe in God but seem offended when I say the words, “So, you follow Christ?” Almost as if I spat phlegm on them, they retreat, “You’re not gonna push that bible stuff on me now, are you?”

What? Bible stuff? They said they were believers, so why are they offended when I say the name Jesus Christ? Many try to put a political spin on this but if you think about it since our first president, man spoke their feelings, their opinions and their desires for a New World, our elected officials heard the voices of the many and moved to make it so.

Each and every president has heard the voices and when you say ONE man or however many sit in congress make laws, remember they are listening to the many people who are offended by Christ, offended by this and that. MAN and WOMAN have shaped this world for millennia. (I say world because not just the USA is involved in fearing Christ.)

When I say the name Jesus Christ, and you are offended, you are only reacting to what other men have tried to feed you. You say that the bible is a fairy tale and it is full of lies, and you do everything in your power to prove it to be truth. Why? Because you too have doubts; you SAY you believe every word in the bible to be truth but there in the back of your mind as you’re digging for proof, there resides doubts. If you believed (meaning have FAITH) that everything in the bible is truth, you would need no proof.

Since the beginning of time, Jesus resided in God. He was there at the creation and will be here at the end. “How do you know that as a fact?” Let me tell you.

Yes men wrote the bible. They physically wrote, in stone or with pen, every word in the bible and events that were taking place in THEIR time. The difference in their writing and that of men who told a fairytale was a spirit that consumed them. Their stories were handed down to each generation and then compiled to make the bible, thus becoming the Holy Bible because the Spirit of God was divinely inspiring the words. Many translations later, the Word still holds truth to believers.

How do I know it was divinely inspired? Well let me tell you. As I’m sitting here writing this Lenten Season of posts, they are not just my thoughts, they are being Divinely Inspired. Meaning, I FEEL the SPIRIT moving in me and inspiring every word I write. I’m not just making stuff up out of my head as I go along, I am being driven by a Divine FORCE that is compelling me to write!

I imagine this is what the very first men felt when they were writing the Bible. They were being driven by the POWER, the SPIRIT of God. to write these things down. Mighty arrogant of me you say? To compare myself to the biblical authors? Well, if you believe in every word in the bible, then you MUST know and FEEL the truth I am conveying in my words, right? God did not die and stop inspiring people.

I am not forcing Jesus down your throat. I am not telling you that if you don’t read my words you’re going to hell. I’m just conveying a message that God has placed on my heart. Take it any way you want it. THAT is exactly the way the bible was intended, for you to read and walk away with what YOU believe.

Did you know that atheist read the bible? Yes they sure do. How do I know this? If you speak to an atheist, they’ll tell you “The Noah story isn’t true.” They’ll go on and on and point out inconsistencies (in their eyes) in the Bible. How would they even know to view these as inconsistencies if they hadn’t sat down to read the bible? Hmm…

Jesus offends them because the story is remarkably unbelievable! A virgin, pregnant by some Spirit God; Jesus, God as MAN. Yeah, remarkable and unbelievable. But to believers who read and BELIEVE the words of men from thousands of years ago, these two events ARE remarkable AND believable and prophesied about since the very beginning of time!

Man fears the unknown. Can you hold air in your hand? No, but you know it is there. Through every breath you take, you know it exists. Science can dissect the elements and show you what it is made up of. Can you hold a star in your hand? No, but science can tell you what a star consists of. And because science can PROVE this to you, you believe and put your faith in man because it all makes sense. This Bible stuff don’t always make sense, so you fear.

Man fears God, Christ, a Supreme being that holds ALL power over you. Science can’t prove the existence of God, nor can they disprove it, so man again, puts his faith and trust in man, not in God.

And we wonder what is wrong with society today? Christ offends man, He is superior and man in his selfish egotistical mind fears being ruled. Hate is running rampant because NO ONE likes to be ruled so they retaliate with pride and anger. That’s the will of man.

The will of God just simply asks you to accept Him, His son, the comforting Holy Spirit that rest in you. Until the Spirit consumes you, you will not understand one word I’ve said. You will continue to deny God, lash out, spread hate, share pride driven opinions and to allow your soul to sleep.

Man fears God and is offended by the mere mention of Christ. To fear one is to fear the other. As man fears the unknown, my only fear resides in what is known to ME.

Pss. 34: 11 Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

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