Monday, March 17, 2014

Lent: Day Thirteen ~ Muslim

Gen 17:18 And Abraham said unto God, O that Ishmael might live before thee! And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation


Did you just squirm at the mere mention of the word Muslim? Why? Because they’re vile despicable people who maim and torture Christians who also wish you the infidel were dead? Makes sense to me. Well, not really. I don’t understand hatred very well.

Maybe it is just me but when Jesus told us to love our brother, for some reason, I don’t think he meant just our siblings by blood. For some reason I got the idea He meant it to mean ALL of our brother’s and sister’s; red, white, brown, black and yes Muslim’s.

I see so many Christians hating on them and I don’t just mean hating things they do, they hate THEM as a people. Can you imagine people hating us because we’re WHITE Americans? Lumping us all together, or saying, “The majority of you.” (I’m not blind, yes I KNOW white man is not well liked) I wonder why? Hmm…

A Muslim nation is not a nation of haters; they are humans with DIFFERENT ideologies than you. They are humans, the same humans that Jesus would have sat down at His table with and broke bread. They are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, just like you.

Now your mind is reeling. You’re gathering up some hate to spew at me because how can I, a young Christian woman, be defending Muslims. “How dare her!” you say. Oh I can hear the names under your breath now.

This topic was placed on my heart a few weeks ago when pastor Mike said something about us all being a server of the God of Abraham. The history of the Muslim peoples began with the prophet Abraham and his descendants through Ishmael, his firstborn son. 

Even Muslims believe in the God of Abraham. Are you listening to me? We all serve the same God, so to hate the Muslim people, you in essence hate the son of Abraham and maybe hating Abraham himself, after all he was of Arab descent. All throughout the bible we read from those Arabs and you say you’re a Christian, read and believe the bible? Then did you skip the part where there is not ONE white American in there??? Oh, I get it; you’re a pick-and-choose person. You pick out what you want to believe, hate what you want and do what you please?

So do you hate Jews? Catholics? Mormons? No, just Muslims. Ever since that day in 2001, on September Eleventh you became a judge a jury for the Muslim people everywhere. Forbidden them Mosques, hated their people. Because madmen of an Al Qaeda terrorist group, that numbers less than thousands of people compared to millions of the Arab nation of people, you choose to HATE all Muslim.

I see your posts of “How could they?” Where Muslims are killing children, killing Christians! How dare they! You say, “I’m a Christian, how dare they kill my people!”
Listen to yourself a minute before justifying what you’re saying. You say you’re a Christian, read, believe every word of the bible as truth, and yet you hate what Muslims are doing? YOU are hating God’s people! Yes, I know it is wrong to kill ANYone.

Let me place a scenario here for you. When God was creating the world, he had beside him Angel’s right? One of those angels was satan. Satan wanted things for himself! He wanted the earth, he wanted to RULE the earth, right? He wasn’t allowed to, right? Tempting God’s followers all the way down to this very day was his lot in this world. By hating people or actions you are falling right into Satan’s hands!!!

The Word of God places generations upon generations of Arabs to WRITE the word of the Bible, the very bible that you read and believe every word to be true. Jesus, Son of God came into the world to wipe out your sin; was He a white American by any chance? No, I didn’t think so. You say, “But really, how dare [the Muslim] kill Christians!”

How dare they? Let me tell you how. God formed the world and ALL its inhabitants; He knows what you’ll do today, and what you’ll do tomorrow. How? His master plan! The killing of Christians is all part of his master plan! To say how dare they, you are asking God how dare Him kill Christians! What a mean God! What a vengeful God. Have you read the Word 'persecuted for Christ's sake'? God is mounting up his army in heaven; to hate what He is doing? That is mans pride in you.

During this Lenten season, I see YOU posting hate, posting your judge and jury OPINIONS; does this make you ANY different than those Muslims you hate? You can’t even take one day off from posting hate, during the Lenten season no less; you my friend are no different than the Muslims you hate. YOU are persecuting your own religion Christianity, which to me, is not much different than those ‘Muslims killing Christians.’

Lent is a time to meditate, a time to sacrifice, a time to fast and a time to feast. You are not following the very doctrine that God has divinely given to the world. Nowhere do I see in the bible the doctrine to HATE. Jesus is LOVE. Even His enemy, He loved. Even the killers and murderers He loved. Just as he didn’t give satan dominion over the world, he didn’t make you judge and jury of your fellow man, for a REASON! Unless you’re on a jury, appointed to judge a man/woman of a crime they committed, YOU have NO RIGHT to judge/hate human beings for THEIR choices.

Luke 6: 37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

If you really believe in the Word you read, than you’ll understand why it was pertinent to LOVE in the midst of hate. My friends, I’m not judging you for the decisions you make, but before you make the decision to become a Christian, know wholeheartedly what it means. The very God who created the Muslims, to SERVE HIM, calls you to be a disciple of His.

Luke 19: 9 And Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham.


benning said...

Historically they do consider themselves offspring of Abraham ... at least the Arabs are, though most Muslims are not. The 'god' they worship is most certainly NOT the same God we worship. That is clear from their own holy writings. Allah is the name of the old Moon god of the Arab people. Jehovah is the Creator of the Universe and all that is in it.

Ahem! Okay, having prattled on about that ... Ahem! ... as Chuck Missler likes to say, often, "That's your mission field, isn't it?" You are absolutely correct, Joni, in that we musn't hate Muslims, but pray for them! And, NO! that ain't easy! And dang you, Joni, now you've put that on my heart today! And I don't want to pray for them, but against them! Grrrr!


That prayer list gets longer, doesn't it? ;)

*Hugs!* You can be such a pain in the toches, you know! Hehehee! :D

joni said...

I think once again my words were misinterpreted. :(

Abraham is of the seed of Adam, the first man. To say Muslims are not of that seed is saying God planted another seed? Besides Adam and Eve?

Abraham’s children KNEW of the God that we and he worship. This is why I said they too are of the seed of Abraham. All languages are misinterpreted as is the English vocabulary.

“It is argued that "Allah" is just the word for "God" in Arabic, which ultimately derives from the same root as the Hebrew words "El" and "Elohim", both used in the Book of Genesis. Sociologist Lori Peek writes that, "Allah is simply the Arabic word meaning God. In fact people who speak Arabic, be they Christians, Jews or Muslims, often say 'Allah' to describe God, just as God is called 'Gott' in German and 'Dieu' in French. “While other gods were certainly referred to using this epithet, this is equally true of the Hebrew words. The Biblical commandment You shall have no other gods before me uses the same word, "Elohim", to refer to the "other" gods that is used for the creator god”

Humans with different perceptions of how THEY (seeds of Abraham) saw God, formed religions. That is why we have so many different ones.

I knew this post would get people thinking of the hatred that dwells in their souls. I do disagree with certain things in life but it is not for me to HATE and lash out. Tomorrow’s post might make more sense. I sure hope so.

Thank you for reading.

NurseArtist said...

This has been an area where I have struggled. It is one of those areas that is a controversy after every conflict. My father-in-law still makes derogatory comments about the Japanese after WWII, my husband still makes similar comments about the Vietnamese. And now we have the Muslim situation. I fear the Muslim faith for the tenets that demand that they kill the infidels, and that all must convert to Islam. I see them beheading Christians. It is very difficult to love someone who acts so badly. But I am trying to remember that not all Muslim are acting on those tenets. I have met Muslims who are peace-loving. But I don't hear much about them, because the media concentrates on the misbehaving members of their faith. So with the Grace of God, I will someday be able to feel gracious toward them..but I wouldn't hold your may not happen soon.

joni said...

I totally understand Dixie. I had a hard time writing this post because I knew it was a controversial topic.
God placed it on my heart and with that I gained a new understanding of what He meant by loving your enemy.

How I'd love to pick and choose who to love and who to hate but this place in time, Jesus knew we would have to love our enemy.

Tom said it right (in my eyes) we can disagree without hate. I hold onto that and God's promise to me.

Love ya, Dixie. Your honesty is what I wanted to hear. Thank you!