Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Build - a - Character

It is not who you know or what you know, it is what you create in this world that will be your living legacy. ~ joni

Okay, we’re off to a great start at f2k. The students have all met one another, they have been rolling through the halls like snowplows on a blizzardy day. They’ve sat at the cafe, posted some work, talked a little about themselves and just basically did everything the orientation week calls for and that is “Get to know your peers.”

We have a lively bunch too, with a sense of humor, intelligence that would make Gates sit in awe, friendliness that Mother Teresa would be proud of, and then there is the camaraderie. It can be found nowhere else on the web except through writers.

We have a tendency to be accepting and friendly and it rubs off on even the most scared of the bunch, that would be the newbs. Newbies means new folk to the forum for those of you, not in the know.

We’re learning already about each others likes and dislikes, style and originality, we’re getting to know one person at a time and this is always a highlight of my year when I can share with others a part of myself, while growing and learning at the same time.

Which reminds me, this week we learn about our characters. Nice segue by the way, right? From living breathing characters to our fictional characters? Yeah, that’s what we’re doing this week. We’re getting to know our characters intimately. I mean all the way down to a well produced pimple! If a character has one, write about it, we need to know our characters right down to the hairs spurting out on their heads.

Building a character is as much fun as the ‘Build-a-bear’ workshop. But as adults, we get more out of it than the eager child. We are like the eager child as we build our characters to form a part of a story that we writer’s are writing. It builds and builds until we have a an outline, a story, then either a novel or a short story.

Be an eager beaver today and start building a Character! Use this link to get you started on a profile of your characters. Try it on the four main characters as you get to know them inside and out. Like a worn out paper bag you'll need to get all the wrinkles out, but it is worth holding onto, because they just don't make bags or characters like they used to.

Write Right friends!


Stormcrow said...

Sounds like fun, where do I sign up?

joni said...

Well honey, you can't sign up for a character building workshop, these are fictional characters we're building! :P But I still love you anyway. :-) There, all built up? lol

June said...

Loved the simile to "build a bear." Cool!

Excellent, Joni.

See you in the F2K halls...

Take care,

joni said...

Some things come to me at the darndest of times. I kept saying build-a-character and I kept seeing a little naked Teddy Bear getting all dressed up and decorated.
It's funny how we writer's think of these things! lol

See you in the halls June. :-)